A step forward in computer security

Marcelo is currently working on a project where he analyzes short online documents, such as emails, to check the identity of the author. His research is integral to the field of computer security because there have only been a handful of studies on this topic.  “Authorship verification of online documents can play a critical role in various criminal cases such as blackmailing and terrorist activities, says Marcelo.” “Sharing my research with others is integral to the field of computer security, and Mitacs Step has provided me with the necessary communication skills to do so.”

Resource assessment for wildlife based ecotourism:monitoring of black, Spirit and grizzly bears

Wildlife viewing-based ecotourism relies on accurate accounting and predictable presence of their target animal populations. Spirit Bear Lodge, a community owned company of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation, operates a bear viewing operation throughout their Traditional Territory on the central coast of British Columbia.

Measuring consumer response to online advertising: the case of mobile applications

To research will help Tap for Tap to generate and collect information on user behavior that can help improve their matching algorithms. The core of the work consists in analyzing a large dataset of app users’ responses to advertising. Clearly, much of this search for determinants of successful matching will be statistical in nature. Still, this search will also be guided by an alert eye on the mechanisms that may lie behind the relationships uncovered in the data.

Novel Approaches for Identifying, Tracking and Preventing Technology-Induced Error

In Canada healthcare is being modernized and transformed through a range of new healthcare information technologies and systems. Applications of information systems such as electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical decision support and an increasing range of mobile health applications promise to transform and improve healthcare and increase patient safety. However, although such technology has huge potential benefits, research has shown that if not designed, tested and implemented properly such technology also has the potential to introduce new types of error – i.e.

Cebas Subsurface Scattering Shaders

This project seeks to develop GPU based versions of CPU implemented Subsurface scattering shaders. Rendering in video games and movies require increasingly complex simulation of skin and other effects from translucent materials As a visual effects solution provider, Cebus Visual Technology is very interested in implementing their shaders on the GPU to increase the computational throughput. Such an experience would be beneficial for an internal student.

Targeted Search and Match-making using Web Mining and Case-based Reasoning

While a significant number of tools have been developed to extract from web repositories information relevant to some search criteria, the unstructured nature of the returned information limits the ability to extract automatically concise and meaningful profiles. The purpose of this project is to develop anintelligent framework using case-based reasoning and semantic similarity to encode expert knowledgeon extracting meaningful and concise profiles for individuals and organizations, and enable effectivematching of the profiles.

Mitacs-Accelerate Professor Profile: Dr. Afzal Suleman

A professor at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Suleman has been participating in the program since its inception, with more than 15 internships supervised so far.

“Because each project has an industry partner that is a for-profit company, there is a commercial element to it, so the research is more focused on industry needs and we get results much more quickly than if it was just academic research.  We can then identify other research issues and expand the project – we can go big.”

Low-cost complex genome assembly and annotation

There is a pressing need to apply genomics-based tools for rapidly evaluating the impact of industrial and municipal waste management practices and climate change. In order to do this, information about the genome from relevant North American species is needed, yet acquiring these complex genome sequences had been cost and resource prohibitive until recently.

PREDICT: Parallel Resources for Early Detection of Immediate Causes of Tsunamis

With this project we propose a re-thinking of ICT infrastructure to include a framework that exploits commodity many-core systems to evaluate models. The framework permits comparison, evaluation and improvement of competing and complementary models and appear to hold promise. Our proposal focuses on the computationally intensive tasks associated with near-field Tsunami detection, leveraging parallelism to process environmental conditions in real-time to deliver informed warnings to populations at risk.

Software development outsourcing decision making

The objective of this internship proposal is to develop a decision support instrument for Priologic to assist companies in making the software development outsourcing decision. Specifically the decision support instrument should provide guidance on whether a certain software development project merits offshoring, nearshoring or rather inhouse production. Priologic, the industry partner on this grant proposal, is a software firm that is interested in making the instrument available on its website to assist its existing customers, and identify and attract new potential customers.