Mobile Health Application Design and Implementation

This research project involves the design and implementation of an anxiety management application for transmission on the iPhone. The application employs cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methodology and is designed for the 16 to 25 year old demographic. Normally used in face to face therapeutic interactions, the use of a mobile application is unique in that it supplies the patient with just in time access to the therapeutic techniques necessary to manage their anxiety.

The Effects of a Deep Pressure Therapy Device on Anxiety, Attention, and Behaviour

The purpose of this research project is to test the effects of an inflatable garment (vest) for providing Deep Pressure Therapy to children with autism spectrum disorders and other health disorders. The vest provides overall, evenly distributed pressure to the torso, and pressure can be adjusted through a pump and monitored through a pressure sensor. We are interested in how the vest will affect a child’s anxiety, attention, and inhibition, and their general behaviour.

Generation of Application Level Traffic Markings For Smartphones

Mobile Network Carriers are experiencing unprecedented data traffic loads which are straining their existing infrastructure. They are thus interested in exploring research areas which focus on reducing this traffic load. The malicious traffic generated by malware on smartphones is of particular interest. My research focuses on the generation of a software system that marks traffic from smartphones to indicate the specific phone application which has generated the data flow.

Advanced Particle Hydrodynamics for Film Rendering

In this project, the intern will develop computer software used by the film industry in order to simulate new visual effects such as water, blood, and other fluids. This is called fluid simulation. It is very hard, and requires sophisticated mathematics, physics,  and computer programming. Cebas sells a software package called thinkingParticles for the film industry. This software cannot presently simulate fluids in the way that they would work in the real world.

Detecting Malicious Insiders in Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud Computing represents a significant shift in how computing resources and services are being used. While it opens up an era of promising innovations, it raises significant security challenges which must be addressed for ubiquitous adoption of the technology. Malicious insider activities have been identified as one of the top threats faced by cloud environments. The purpose of the current MITACS proposal is to research and develop an insider detection scheme for cloud computing environment based on user behavioral activities and patterns.

Wild fish community composition and host-parasite infection rates relative to net-pen aquaculture facilities

The economically cost-effective methods of intensive open net-pen farming externalize the costs of waste treatment and clean water supply by drawing these critical ecosystem services from the nearshore marine environment. Salmon farms serve as point sources for organic nutrients (uneaten feed and salmon waste), parasites, and heavy metals. Salmon farms may have impacts on proximal wild species including increases in disease and parasite abundance and chemical and heavy metal contamination.

Ecological and Cultural Restoration of an iconic Plant Food (Fritillaria camschatcensis) in the Squamish River Estuary, British Columbia

I am a member of the Squamish Nation and my research focuses on restoring an important traditional plant food into the Squamish estuary. The title of my research is "Ecological and Cultural Restoration of an iconic Plant Food (Fritillaria camschatcensis) in the Squamish River Estuary, British Columbia." I will be working with Dr. Nancy Turner and Dr. Trevor Lantz as my co-supervisors at the University of Victoria to undertake this research as part of a larger research project led by Dr.