Development of new on-site sampling, high-throughput and high sensitive analysis for determination of small molecules in saliva

Saliva is a promising alternative specimen since it is easy and non-invasive to collect, and available at any time. Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) has been recently introduced as a green, simple, fast and sensitive sample preparation technique for high-throughput and in vivo analysis of drugs in various biological fluids, including saliva.

Drinking Water Treatment Infrastructure: Responding to Climate Change and Increasingly Variable Source Water Quality - Year two

As a result of climate change and other pressures that result in “extreme events” like wildfire and flooding, many
drinking water utilities are at risk of potentially catastrophic failure and need treatment adaptation strategies to
prepare for increasingly variable and potentially rapid deterioration in source water quality. Currently there are no
recognized tools for evaluating the anticipated impacts of such events on water treatment plant operations. This
research will enable Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Adapting methods for assessing the impacts of innovation support programs for application to Canada’s clean energy innovation ecosystem

This research project is being undertaken in partnership with The Evidence Network Inc. It will extend the company’s scientifically-based method of assessing the impact of innovation support programs to the clean energy innovation sector. To keep this kind of assessment method scientifically sound requires customization for each particular industry. The established methods have been widely applied in the IT and medical fields, but not yet in the energy sector.

Credit Union Marketplace Lending Business Models

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have developed at an exponential rate and have been used to develop a variety of artistic, commercial and social ventures. Alongside this marketplace lending has provided retail-level people the opportunity to lend money to each other using platforms such as Lending Club and Prosper. In 2014, in the United States $16.2 billion was raised through crowdfunding platforms, over $11.4 billion of which was in the form of marketplace lending (Marketwired, 2015).

Innovative Financing for Energy Access – The Role of Finance and Energy Service Companies in Promoting Energy Development

The proposed postdoctoral research focuses on addressing the challenges associated with energy access in developing countries as well as promoting energy-independent communities in Canada in a bid to promote sustainable development. The study would investigate a consortium-like financing model for small and medium scale renewable energy projects in which energy service companies are financed by a number of investors to in order to reduce the investment risks.

Fostering Best Practice in Canadian Wastewater Systems

The research project aims to determine in what ways can investment in wastewater treatment better maximize environmental and economic benefits to enable sustainable community development. The research will include identifying, and analyzing areas of economic and environmental opportunity, including improved project management, energy capture and reuse, asset management, and repurposing of waste materials (biosolids and treated effluent). Data will be collected through review and analysis of GMF reports and interviews with municipalities.

Implementing Community Climate Action Plans in Canada: The Relationship between Implementation Structure and Outcomes

This study builds upon our previous work, to identify and confirm key structural features for the implementation of community climate action plans in Canadian communities, through examining their relationship with plan outcomes (outcomes related to the plan goals, e.g., actual greenhouse gas reductions), and partner outcomes (outcomes the partners experience, such as improved reputation).

Rhetorical foundations of procedurally generated game worlds

The PC and console video game market have overtaken Hollywood movies as the number one source of entertainment dollars spent in North America. Very little work has been done to date on the effects that these games are having on (particularly young) players. This project will take well established rhetorical principles (Burke, Fahnestock, Perlman) that have been applied to the analysis of many other multi-media entertainment products and try to build a framework for a video game rhetoric.

Graphene-Based Drug/siRNA Nanocarriers for Cancer Treatment

In this project, carbon-based nano-materials were used not only to capture CO2, but also function as a nano-carrier platform to uptake the drugs and genes for cancer therapeutic applications. In other words, the main objective of this project is to tackle two major issues in our society: greenhouse gas emission and cancer.

Advance Silicon-based lithium-ion batteries

In this project, an advanced silicon-based lithium ion battery will be manufactured. The expected energy density is 750-1000Wh/L and cycle life is about 2000 time (capacity remaining rate>80%), which means the working time of your cell phone, laptop can be extended to 3-5 times on a charge and they can maintain a good working condition even it has been used over 5-8 years. The best news is that you don’t need to pay extra. Through this study, the manufacture technology of the silicon-based electrode will be developed from laboratory level to application.