Cellulose Nanocrystals Reinforced Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) nanocomposite dipped products: Processing and Structural Properties

The research project will develop processes for the fabrication of latex rubber films containing cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) as reinforcement to enhance the physical properties of the films. Similarly, improving the compatibility between the latex rubber and the CNCs will be investigated which is expected to significantly improve the physical properties of the films, resulting in the possibility of using thinner films. Benefits to the partner organization will be the added value of CNCs especially to the rubber industry which will generate more market and revenue.

Health Data Extraction Review Analysis Learning Device in Nephrology (HERALD-RENO)

Data has become a central part of any organization’s day-to-day operation. Organizations are looking to turn this information into actionable insight. The Dialysis Measurement, Analysis and Reporting System (DMAR) is designed to track healthcare quality indicators where changing practice will have high impact. The DMAR system applies rigorous methods to measure key health care performance measures and efficiently implement and measure change.

Safe and Smooth Path Planning for Autonomous Robot Navigation

Clearpath Robotics has developed an accurate GPS navigation system that enables autonomous robots to move in outdoor environments. However, to move toward a target location and avoid obstacles along the path, a path planner is required. The objective of this project is to develop, tune and modify an efficient path planner for the robot in order to make it capable of moving in outdoor environments, then, the performance of the path planner and GPS navigation system will be checked by extensive real-world experiments.

Compressed Air Energy Storage in Cased Wells

The project will adapt Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) to a cased well. CAES is a mature and proven energy storage technology, however it traditionally uses large salt caverns. By understanding the deformation of a wellbore due to pressure and hot air injection, one may be able to determine the operating range of the system. Cased wells are easy to deploy and decommission. They may be installed wherever is advantageous. They involve drilling a well and installing a high-grade steel casing into the wellbore. The depth of a single well can be anywhere from 500-1500 meters.

Visualization of lipid and protein deposition on contact lenses in a sophisticated in vitro eye-blink model

Contact lens discomfort is one of the primary reasons that cause people to stop wearing them. The discomfort may be due to the buildup of tear film components on the lenses during lens wear. The purpose of this project is to understand where most of the tear film components are depositing on the lens, such as the back or front of the lens. These findings will help researchers and companies develop better and more comfortable contact lens materials in the future.

Developing Smart Price Forecasting Service for Supply Chain Procurement of Agri-fresh Produce Using Machine Learning

Loblaw Companies Limited (LCL) supplies all fresh produce (FP) to South Western Ontario stores from Waterloo Distribution Center (DC). DC decides prices and quantities to meet FP demand. Timed fair priced orders minimize waste, bring prosperity to growers, consumers and FP trades. Factors affecting prices are highly uncertain due to environmental and socio-economic effects such as income, labor, trade, globalization and climate change which makes price prediction challenging.

Study of the Latent Space in NLP: Mathematical Foundation and Application to Disentanglement

Recent progress on word and sentence embeddings has enabled efficient representation and learning of complex high dimensional probability distributions over rich text data. The proposed research aims at addressing some of the fundamental questions in this field: What are the natural mathematical structures on that latent spaces? How to find a meaningful basis? What is the best method of disentanglement for NLP?

Urban ecosystem service valuation: Exploring participatory greenspace planning processes that support more equitable outcomes for residents of the Greater Toronto Area

How urban residents perceive and value nature within our cities shapes how we manage it for current and future generations. Given the diversity of perspectives and beliefs brought to bear on an urban system, we can expect that not everyone will enjoy nature the same way, or for the same reasons. If democracy is our goal, then we must create processes that allow people to express their opinions about where they want greenspace, what they want to use if for, and how it ought to be managed.

Evaluating dining improvements in Schlegel Villages

This project is focused on evaluating dining improvements being implemented by the partner organization, Schlegel Villages (SV). The first study involves one SV where the CHOICE+ Program is currently being piloted. CHOICE+ is a team-based approach to making physical and psychosocial improvement. The team is guided by Champions to make these changes over time; changes include small physical improvements (e.g. music), as well as education and training to support relationship-centred principles for dining.

Automatic Tracking, Localization and Orientation of Hockey Players, Using Broadcast Videos

Automatic analysis of sport videos is an attractive research area in computer vision that is driving the sport analytics towards a more technological edge. By automatically analyzing sport videos, lots of information could be drawn that benefits the teams, coaches, referees, players and even the fans, such as: extracting strategy of the game, technique and performance of each individual player, performance of the referee in a competition, and etc. This area of research, although attracted many researchers in computer vision community, is still in its infancy.