Chemically Modified Graphene-Like Carbon for Water Purification and Charge Storage Applications

This internship will focus on the chemical modification of a graphene-like material developed by 3M Canada towards membranes for the removal of divalent cations from water and charge-storage materials (supercapacitors). The need for improved purification technologies, specifically those that target the removal of divalent cations, such as calcium and magnesium, which are found in hard water, has never been greater due to the growth of our population and the related industrial and agricultural sectors of the Canadian economy.

A novel scaffold for tympanic membrane repair - Year two

The ability to hear, and the quality of our hearing, depends on the health of the eardrum. Eardrum perforations due to diseases and accidents can be treated using grafts, such as autologous grafts, allografts and xenografts. These replacements suffer from various limitations such as donor site morbidity, long operation time and healing time, and risk of infection transmission, and more importantly, none of these grafts are able to replicate the complex microanatomy for sound quality reproduced by the native eardrum.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Chromatography of Softwood Plants Oils

This project will be with ANPI Canada Inc., a Canadian company focused on essential oil extract from softwood in Bolton, Ontario. Presently, ANPI uses various extraction techniques for isolation of essential oils particularly cedar oil from cedar leaves, branches, and mulch. These essential oils have applications in the food, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. ANPI have found that their current extraction methods do not provide a suitable yield of essential oil as well as high purity of active components of oil.

Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Cedar Essential Oil

This project will be with All Natural Products Inc. (ANPI), a Canadian company focused on essential oil extract from natural herbal resources in Bolton, Ontario. These essential oils have applications in the food, flavor, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. ANPI have found that their current extraction methods do not provide a suitable yield of essential oils.

Understanding the Impact of Fontan Circulatory Repair on Brain Blood Flow Health

Children born with an absent or ineffective right or left ventricle (single ventricle) have a low life expectancy and will undergo at least three surgical procedures ultimately leading to the Fontan Procedure (FP), which allows blood to travel directly to the lungs (bypassing the heart) to become oxygenated. Adolescent FP-patients indicate poor cardiovascular health which in turn could challenge brain blood flow, thereby affecting cognitive capacity and increasing risk of stroke. FP is a relatively new procedure and long-term effects on brain health are unknown.

Archaeological Data Management in Canada and the Comprehensive Heritage Research Information Platform

The proposed project undertakes a comparative study of existing regional archaeological data management systems and practices. Deconstructive analysis of each of these systems will preface a comparison of their component parts and identify relative absences and deficiencies. When reassembled, a theorizing of why these systems might be “missing pieces” can be undertaken recognizing their jurisdictional contexts. This research will then be applied in theorizing and eventually designing a centralized, multi-jurisdictional and remotely accessible model heritage research information platform.

Defining cell therapies using CNS tissue sources in living Parkinson's Disease patients

There is a critical need for new therapies for Parkinson’s Disease (PD), a devastating neurodegenerative disease. Current therapies for PD treat disease symptoms, but do not provide a cure. The ability to generate patient brain-derived cells may rapidly advance development of personalized therapies for PD and other incurable neurological disorders. This study will use brain samples from living patients with PD to develop viable human cells specialized to deliver deficient brain chemicals that restore and protect neurological function.

International intern’s star simulations shoot for success

That love of space led him to study astronomy as an engineering student at one of India’s top universities, the Indian Institute of Technology – Varanasi, and this summer, to a Mitacs Globalink Research Internship at Western University, in Ontario. Supervised by Professor Shantanu Basu, Shyam is applying the latest in astrophysics research to further our understanding of star formation in our galaxy — and beyond.

An Oral History of the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly Neighbourhood

An oral history of the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly neighbourhood will be conducted. Research themes include an understanding of how institutions and notable structures shaped the neighbourhood, and the role played by sites of social interaction, and the role played by the neighbourhood’s rural character It is hoped that conducting oral interviews will elicit memories of buildings, institutions, changes in architectural details, conservation culture, material culture, and cultural and natural landscapes, and preserve information that would otherwise be lost.

Leader competencies and character: A novel approach to leader development

Historically, executive coaching programs have focused on developing a leader’s competencies. More recently, the character of leaders has received increased attention in the media and in research literature. This can be attributed to the financial crisis of 2008-2009, which shined a spotlight on unethical decision-making by leaders in organizations. As a result, there is a growing interest in understanding leadership character. The goal of this internship is to create an evidence-based executive coaching program for developing a leader’s character.