Seismic performance of helical pile groups and their cost efficiency as alternative to driven piles

A new seismic hazard model of Canada will be incorporated in the NBCC2020, which will increase the seismic hazard by 50-100%. Meanwhile, helical piles are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional driven piles because of their fast installation, lower cost and lower labour risk. They are suitable for retrofitting existing deficient foundations because they require smaller installation equipment that cause minimal vibration and noise during installation.

The Future of Ontario’s Manufacturing Workforce: A Roadmap to Assess Needs and Capabilities

The purpose of this research project is to better understand the human resource needs and capabilities of the advanced manufacturing sector in Ontario so as to support industry competitiveness and technological change. This research also contributes to labour market development for Ontario’s workforce through an analysis of training and educational providers and recruitment and retention approaches. This project is closely related to the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing’s objective of raising awareness of Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

Urban microclimate modeling for sustainable building design

Buildings in Canada consume 29% of the total energy and 58% of the electricity on an annual basis. Through optimal sustainable design, however, there is an opportunity to reduce a building’s energy consumption as high as 80%, and the remaining 20% energy consumption can be produced from renewable sources. Sustainable design requires consideration and integration of climate responsive designs, building forms, and building envelope component details. Building façade plays a crucial role in meeting building energy efficiency and internal thermal comfort demands.

Comparison of biological effects of Ceylon cinnamon water Extract and metformin

The use of cinnamon as a flavoring agent and a remedy for metabolic, respiratory, and gynecological disorders is widespread throughout the world. Studies suggest that Ceylon cinnamon may be useful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. This project will use a high-throughput method to analyze how a concentrated water extract of Ceylon cinnamon changes gene expression in human cells. The analyzed data will be compared to existing results from cells treated with the most common medication used for type 2 diabetes, metformin.

Landfill Odour Management Strategies

Golder Associates Inc. is the Technical Lead Consultant on the Environmental Assessment for the expansion of the W12A landfill of the City of London. One key aspect of this project is landfill design alternatives and the impact on air quality and, specifically, odour issues. The proposed project aims at providing critically valuable information regarding local air and odour monitoring at the W12A landfill site, regional air and odour monitoring in the South London area, as well as an assessment of the industry best practices not currently employed that may be applicable.

Evaluate and improve crop yield estimation models by assimilating UAV and satellite remote sensing data - Year two

It has been widely recognized that satellite remote sensing data have a great potential in retrieval of crop biophysical variable such as Leaf Area Index (LAI), vegetation canopy cover and fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (fAPAR), that are indicative of crop growth condition and yield formation. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data are popular in precision agriculture applications, due to their advantage of flexibility, low cost and high spatial resolution.

Accelerate development of new technologies and applications for advanced water treatment

Global population growth, urbanization and changing climate patterns have increased the demand for potable water, wastewater reuse and value recovery from wastewater, and treatment of industrial process water. Population growth also results in increased demand for the shipping of goods by ocean freight, with the associated risk of the transport of unwanted marine life from one location to another by the discharge of ballast water.

Risk assessment and population viability for the critically endangered Taiwanese white dolphin

The Taiwanese white dolphin is a subspecies only found in Taiwan. Since 2008 it has been listed as Critically Endangered in the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), meaning that it is globally recognized as facing an extremely high risk of extinction. The dolphins face a plethora of human human threats, such as fisheries mortality and habitat degradation. This research aims understand how different threats may impact the persistence of this small population, both temporally and spatially.

Optimization and modeling of BioCord fixed-film technology for nutrient and organic carbon removal from domestic wastewater

Many biological wastewater treatment options are available, ranging from advanced technologies to conventional treatment options. Fixed-film biological wastewater treatment systems are in an increasing demand for conventional plant upgrades. In this study a fixed-film media called BioCord, developed by Bishop Water Technologies, will be used. The research will propose a new opportunity to enhance the removal of contaminants (such as organic carbon and nitrogen) at higher intensity and lower energy input.

Innovative Sustained High Strength Silicate Based Shotcretes

Due to early strength requirements, shotcrete mix must incorporate rapid set accelerating agents to speed up mix set time and accelerate hardening. Silicate-based shotcrete accelerators have demonstrated good early compressive strength, short set time and good stiffening properties at relatively low cost. The silicate-based shotcrete mix also has minimal impacts on health, environment and improved safety. However, it can exhibit relatively significant loss of compressive strength over 28 days, which presents a critical challenge.