Study on Alkylation of Benzene with Methanol over ZSM-5 Zeolite with controllable Internal and External Surface Acidity

The research project is studying the reaction of benzene to produce toluene and xylene is very useful as both of these products have great commercial value. The challenge that is being researched is to make this reaction more efficient by minimizing the sub-reactions that happen simultaneously, specifically the reaction of methanol to olefins. These sub-reactions tend to interfere with the main reaction and cause less of an output of the desired product.

Neural and autonomic correlates of post-traumatic stress disorder during processing of trauma-related stimuli

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) emerges after the exposure to an event that elicits horror or helplessness, including threat of injury or death to one's self or another person. Community-based studies have evaluated its occurrence with a lifetime prevalence of 9.2% in the Canadian population. This research project aims to develop innovative, neural-substrate based, and novel theoretical paradigms for understanding psychological trauma and its clinical outcomes, including problems in emotion regulation, self-awareness, social emotional and self-referential processing.

Preventing outbreaks of foodborne illness before they spread

Investigators determined that the source was contaminated vegetables from a popular Mexican fast-food restaurant chain. Although the outbreak had no fatalities, E. coli contamination poses a potentially deadly health risk and costs the North American food industry billions of dollars every year.

A simple solution in a single line

A study of aerosol pollutants using micro-xray and ion beam methods

The study of particulate matter as it affects health has become major worry for both industrialized and developing nations. I have been collaborating with colleagues in United Arab Emirates (Dubai) who setup a laboratory with the help of the International Atomic Energy Agency to study air pollution.
The applied study is promising both in its immediate goal of studying the effect of air pollution on health in a quickly industrializing nation and in its being a model for international collaboration.

Improving the reliability and accuracy of flood forecasting and warning systems

Hydrologic models, applied by engineers and hydrologists for flood forecasting and water budget modeling, are used to reproduce and predict the rainfall-runoff process to determine the response of the fluvial network (rivers, streams, etc.) to precipitation events. Changes in flow regime associated with precipitation events can result in flooding, drying up of stream flows, water quality degradation, loss of aquatic habitat, alterations to sediment transport processes, and damage to engineering infrastructure (e.g., bridge piers, drinking water intake pipes, water control structures, etc.).

Fracture Toughness of All-Ceramic Crowns Luted with Different Cements.

Introduction: Computer-aided Design (CAD) computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology, all-ceramic systems, and high-strength ceramic materials have become integral parts of modern dentistry and laboratory technology.[1] Furthermore, metal-based crowns have other disadvantages, such as galvanic reaction, and the metal underlying the veneer’s porcelain can show through as a dark line.[2,3]
Several new all-ceramic systems, which offer comparable stability to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations, good esthetics, and simplified fabrication procedures, have been introduced.

Changes in Fire Incidence and Area Burned Under Climate Change Scenarios

New methods and tools are required to (i) provide insight into spatio-temporal climate effects concerning forests and fire events (ii) provide policy-makers with quantified estimates of fire activity under changing climate scenarios as well as well-defined historical models for seasonality and the occurrence of extremes (iii) be useful in a wide variety of modeling scenarios which investigate extremes and climate change effects (iv) be disseminated broadly and hence provide forest researchers with key information on climate effects (v) provide substantial interdisciplinary expertise to the st

Microalgal cultivation on effluent from waste streams

Cultivate microalgae on a variety of waste streams in a lab or pilot scale environment. Evaluate the potential for Greenhouse gas capture, biofuel and nutraceutical production. Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.

Testing of Flexible Plastic Solar Cells on Transparent Graphene Electrodes

Solar cells that have been commercialized to date can be divided in two categories: i) high-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaics, prepared from inorganic crystalline materials and ii) low-cost, low-efficiency photovoltaics, prepared from disordered materials.

Development of Visible Light Active Photocatalytic Nanomaterials for Enhancing Clean Hydrogen Production and Water Purification

The pressing need to find viable alternatives to fossil fuels combined with the growing requirement for environmentally friendly industrial processes motivates a dramatic paradigm shift from fossil fuels (which also require carbon capture and sequestration) to reliable, clean, and efficient fuels. Hydrogen has the potential to meet the requirements as a clean non-fossil fuel in the future if it can be produced using the world's most abundant sources, the sun and water.