Immunohistochemistry Protocol Improvement and Development

This internship will aim to develop a particular technique of functional quality control testing, called immunohistochemistry, to Cedarlane Laboratories by developing product specific protocols and strategically testing them on individual reagents. The partner organization will benefit from this connection in that they will be able to expand on a particular method of testing, which will allow for the sale and distribution of new and existing products for immunohistochemistry, thereby expanding their market to laboratories that utilize this method.

Cache-oblivious and adaptive algorithms in symbolic computation

The pervasive ubiquity of parallel architectures and memory hierarchy has led to the emergence of a new quest for parallel mathematical algorithms and software capable of exploiting the various levels of parallelism: from hardware acceleration technologies (multi-core and multi-processor system on chip, GPGPU, FPGA) to cluster and global computing platforms. In this project, we propose to revisit fundamental algorithms in symbolic computation so as to optimize them in terms of data locality and parallelism and adapt them to these new modern computer architectures.

Ipsos Reid-LISPOP Data Liberation Initiative

Ipsos Reid and WLU's Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Opinion and Policy (LISPOP) have entered into a partnership by which the company will donate its raw data archive to Laurier, and LISPOP will undertake to catalogue that archive and make it available to secondary analysts through Scholar's Portal. As part of this project, Ipsos-Reid will work with two interns, each for four months, taken consecutively.