Electronic System Design of 2-D Imaging Spectrometer for Balloon Flight Test

The applicant recently was awarded a grant by the Canadian Space Agency to develop a 2-D image spectrometer together with a local company. This spectrometer will be validated through a high-altitude balloon flight within 3 years. In order to make this project successful, high-performance electronic circuits will have to be designed to acquire imaging, control mechanism, act as power supply and amplifiers, etc. FPGA technologies will be used. The successful interns will work with my graduate students to design, build and test electronic circuits.

Attentional Mechanisms

Using psychophysics, we will investigate how selection mechanisms overcome the limited capacity in visual processing. Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.

Crosstalk between the two visual streams

We will vary the strength of a feature in one stream and measure perception (discrimination task), processing time, and action (eye movements) of a feature in the other stream.
Prior relevant research:
Tchernikov & Fallah (2010)
Perry & Fallah (2012) Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.

Characterization of the type IV pilin from Coxicella burnetii

The gram negative bacteria Coxicella burnetii and Francisella tularensis are the causative agents of Q fever and tularaemia, respectively. Infection by either organism can result in high mortality rates, especially in immuno-compromised individuals; in addition, there are very limited options for detection of both C. burnetii and F. tularensis. Recent evidence shows that both bacteria have functional type II secretion system (T2SS) and type IV pilus (T4P), and that functional T4P affect virulence. Sequence analysis indicates that proteins cbu0156 and ftn0389 are the major pilins of C.

Campus Public Health Emergency Simulations

School closure during an infectious disease outbreak has always been a public health mitigation option, with substantial social and economic cost and uncertain effects on outbreak control.

Smart Applications on Cloud

Cloud computing is a new deployment and operational model in which high level computation services and storage are provided by Internet ("cloud"). In this project we investigate how applications can become smarter and take advantage of many features that clouds provide.

Variation in Hospital Resource Use: Systemic Predictors and Implications on Quality and Value

Research Project Vision: To promote attention to quality, appropriateness and accountability in hospital resource use.
This vision is underpinned by the following four strategies:
1. Establish resource use variation reports specific to departments and individual providers.
2. Associate resource use with quality outcomes that measure accessible, effective, safe, efficient and appropriate care.

Self-Centering Concrete Structures

Recent major seismic events, including the 2011 New Zealand Earthquake and the 2010 Chile Earthquake, have demonstrated similar trends to previous earthquakes; that current state-of-the-art seismic design codes ensure, for the most part, that loss of life is avoided. It is accepted in the engineering community that significant damage can be expected for major earthquakes. However, building officials and owners are not aware that many structures will not be serviceable after a major earthquake, resulting in significant economic consequences.

Global Innovators: Broadcasting to Digital Technologies

This position supports a research project on the changes in the communication technologies from broadcasting to digital technologies by examining the global innovators. This work will investigate the core elements of the people who were at the centre of the last century of communication technologies’ transformation. This research will focus on the catalysts of conversion from one medium to the next from broadcasting to the various visual technologies to the modern-day users of the all-encompassing digital technologies.

Protesting Poverty: Mediated Global Protest and Images of Poverty

This position supports a research project concerning the representation of poverty in Western consumer society.