Risk minimizing hedging strategy of variable annuity guarantees under stochastic interest rates

A hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses, or in our case to pay off potential liabilities. Interest rates play an important role in hedging strategies and risk management for variable annuities and other long-term products. Financial institutions have an urgent need for practical and affordable dynamic hedging strategies. We propose a realistic interest rates model and the so-called risk minimization hedging strategy.

Effect of Foreign Exchange Rates on the Default Correlation

Default correlation analysis has an important role in asset pricing and credit risk management. Our proposed default model aims to analyze the default correlation for two international companies. In this analysis, we would like to incorporate existing correlation between the stock indices in different countries and study its effect on the default correlation measure. Moreover, there is evidence in the literature of sensitivity of equity index returns to foreign exchange (FX) rates.

Diabetes Self Management in Individuals from Modest Socieconomic Status (SES) Backgrounds

Participants diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) from lower income backgrounds will receive personalized health coaching to support engagement in vigorous regular exercise and healthy eating aimed at regulating blood glucose and reducing risks of costly diabetes-related complications. The health coaching makes use of a Blackberry smart phone preinstalled with health behaviour promoting - monitoring software designed and written in collaboration with NexJ Systems.

Identifying Suitable Sites for Multiple Focal Species using Multi-criteria Evaluation and Ecological Niche-factor Analysis in Toronto and Region

In response to the continued loss of biodiversity and natural cover in the landscape, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has developed the Terrestrial Natural Heritage System Strategy (TNHSS), which has been implemented since 2007. The Strategy, based on contemporary ecological principles, developed a set of models and tools that allowed for the development of a targeted Terrestrial Natural Heritage System (TNHS).