Development and Performance evaluation of 3D powerline reconstruction method using airborne LiDAR data

The North American electric power distribution network comprises a vast critical infrastructure of interconnected grids and power lines. Effective management of this system requires timely, accurate power line mapping and monitoring. Scene analysis for powerline change monitoring requires precise detection of all key corridor objects (i.e., powerlines, towers, insulators, splices, switches and other components as well as the terrain, buildings, trees, etc.).

South Simcoe Green Business Transformation Project

Through a review of best practices in planning and economic development for sustainable communities the partner will obtain background information on how to move forward strategically with implementing the Green Business Transformation Project. A comparison of existing planning policies in South Simcoe at the provincial, regional and local level with sustainable community models provides Nottawasaga Futures with a menu of options to move towards more sustainable communities.

Standing up to Bullying

This internship is in partnership with PREVNet. Researchers have found that bystander intervention during bullying episodes among children stops the bullying in the majority of instances. A number of constructs have recently emerged as potential correlates and predictors for bystander intervention, or lack thereof, and have not yet been studied within this age group (i.e., 10 and 12 year olds). These constructs have also not been investigated together within one study to examine their individual relative contributions (and potentially cumulative effect) to bystander behaviours.

Literature and database evaluation and compilation of evapotranspiration in Ontario, Canada

Evapotranspiration is a fundamental component of the hydrologic cycle. According to Environment Canada, on average, as much as 40% of precipitation in Canada is evaporated or transpired. Since evaporation makes up a considerable portion of the water budget, its variability will therefore have proportionally larger impacts on all other related processes. For example, evaporation impacts flood prediction, irrigation, crop growth, hydroelectric production, water navigation, diseases, indigenous peoples’ health and food supply and the carbon budget (Bonan, 2002).

The Potential of the Green Building Council Network to Influence National Policy Development Regarding the Built Environment and Sustainability

This research project will focus on gathering knowledge around policy development related to sustainability and the built environment. By working with a network of organizations (the Green Building Council Network) first hand experiences can be gathered on how Green Building Councils around the world have been able to come together with their national governments and guide green building policy development. The information will be gathered using a questionnaire that will be passed around to each Green Building Council.

Examining the Relationship between Work Environments, Burnout and Nurse

The purpose of this internship is to identify the relationship between work environments and satisfaction in nurses at York Central Hospital (YCH) in the Emergency Department and Medical/Surgical unit. The intention of this study is to identify the variables proposed in current research, equate to healthy work environments at YCH and to examine other contributing factors such as population acuity, in relation to quality work environments. The intern will provide interventions and study the effect of these on nurse satisfaction.

Design and Control of Intelligent Robot Manipulator for an On-Orbit Service

One important and growing area for the application of space robotics is on‐orbit servicing (OOS) of failed or failing spacecrafts. The control of the robotic arm becomes very important in respect to force control and visual guidance in order to successfully accomplish a capture operation. Therefore, the goal of this research with Ovalbay Geological Services Inc. is to design an intelligent robot manipulator that will employ optimal path‐planning and object avoidance with a visual guidance system.

Reaching for a Better Understanding of the Portfolio Optimization Process

Fund managers must select a portfolio of assets from a group of securities so as to balance the conflicting goals of maximizing portfolio return and minimizing portfolio risk. There are many elegant approaches to this problem. All suffer from the same flaw – they all require estimates of the expected future risk and return of the constituent securities as well as of the correlations between the returns of pairs of these securities.

Purchasing Power: An Investigation of the Ethical Consumer and Affinity Markets in Ontario

Sumac Workers’ Co-operative, a worker-owned co-op in Guelph, Ontario, has recently launched WearFair, a new wholesale brand of Fair Trade certified t-shirts. They are unique in that both the labour and the agricultural production is certified Fair Trade. The proposed research would be to conduct preliminary and follow-up interviews and a survey of potential customers within 1) current Fair Trade consumers, 2) consumers who are either employees of, or otherwise engaged with, affinity organizations and 3) with members of the general public who are currently not involved with Fair Trade.

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing of Advanced Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Composites

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites has been widely used in many sectors of industry since 1960s. To ensure the quality and structural integrity of FRP, it is important to evaluate their physical quality and composition both during manufacture and while in use. For this purpose, a number of standardized tests have been developed to evaluate strength, flexibility, extent of wear, and so on. However, most of these tests require destroying the material to obtain relevant information.