Signalling Bodies as Resistant: Coded Queerness in Visual Culture

Through historical research, I examine the role of queer history to demonstrate how, and in what ways, oppression evolves into resistance. Focusing on visual culture, such as photographs, home video’s and films, as well as ephemera, letters and personal papers, the goal is to shed light on the dark corners of queer history. By illuminating historical pain and trauma, the intention is to reveal the resilience of previous generations, and where negative affects inform locations of recuperation.

Indigenous peoples’ representation in the Greater Toronto Area construction industry

This research project seeks to identify and draw attention to the historical factors leading to the underrepresentation of Indigenous workers in unionized sectors of the construction industry; the problematic relationship between Indigenous workers and their non-Indigenous counterparts, employers and trade unionists; and past and present efforts to address these problems. This work will aid in thinking through the transformation of hiring practices, apprenticeship and other skills training programs, and union models of organizing and outreach to better represent Indigenous workers.

Radiant Energy Spectrum Converter for Enhanced Thermophotovoltaic Systems

Thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) systems are optical heat engines that convert radiant heat to electricity using a photovoltaic cell. TPV is a highly promising technology that can potentially be used to generate electric power from any high-temperature heat source including concentrated solar radiation, industrial waste heat, heat from radioisotope decay, and fuel combustion systems. However, the performance of TPV systems needs to be improved to achieve widespread commercialization.

Machine Learning Engineering and Optimization for Improving Seafood Production

In this project, machine learning and optimization will be applied to a 20 GB dataset on raw fish quality and process control parameters collected by the Tally software over a three-year period in a large industrial tuna cannery processor. The goal of the research is to design predictive machine learning and optimization algorithms maximizing the production yields and reducing waste, which could save hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year depending on the seafood processor scale. The partner organization, ThisFish Inc.

Point-of-Need Microfluidic Biosensor for Detecting Airborne Viruses using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: Towards COVID 19 Virus Monitoring

This project is a partnership between York University and Sixth Wave Innovation Inc. (SIXW). The goal of this partnership is to develop components of a portable and low-cost technology for rapid and on-site air sampling and detection of aerosol viruses in indoor and outdoor environments. Virus capturing will be done by Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) under the extensive expertise of the partner company. MIPs are robust materials with pre-made nano-cavities that can capture target objects such as viruses in this project.

Advancing a novel therapeutic for the prevention of hypoglycemia inType 1 diabetes and establishing proof of concept in Type 2 diabetes

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a phenomenon that results from excess insulin or strenuous exercise in diabetic patients. If untreated, this can quickly lead to dizziness, seizures and even death. In healthy individuals, the body is able to compensate for these fluctuations and restore blood sugars to normal levels by lowering insulin and raising glucagon. In those with diabetes, they are unable to do this and struggle with hypoglycemia.

"Virtually" connected: Can virtual reality technology foster closeness and intimacy in romantic relationships? - Year two

Social connections, especially satisfying romantic relationships, are vital for health and well-being. Yet, couples are spending increasingly more time apart, limiting opportunities for connection and intimacy. However, engaging in shared novel activities (i.e. self-expanding activities) can help couples connect and maintain their relationship over time. Indeed, couples who experience more self-expanding opportunities in relationships feel closer to their partner and are more satisfied and connected in their relationship.

Architectural and Design Modelling for Blockchain-Intensive Systems

Blockchain technologies are increasingly becoming integral parts of information systems in domains that exhibit an increased need for resilience and can make no assumption of trust between parties. However, properly adopting blockchain in an information system design remains difficult, unsystematic and requires thorough understanding of the technology. In this project we explore ways by which traditional model-driven architecting and design techniques can be augmented to support incorporation of blockchain components.

Single-view 3D tracking and trajectory classification of road users at intersections

The goal of the project is to research and develop computer vision algorithms, software, and specialized hardware for the analysis of mixed traffic at intersections. Road users will be detected and classified as motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles. Road users will be geo-located within a 3D model of the intersection, tracked and classified according to trajectory. Our partner TransPlan will benefit in that they will be the Canadian receptor for the algorithms and software that Shahab generates.

Digital Distribution and Online Resources for e-Learning

This research will help, a non-profit online streaming platform for independent Canadian film and video artworks, determine how best to serve a widening range of users and partners given growing interest prompted by COVID-19 restrictions. The primary focus will be on educational stakeholders who need online access to audio-visual resources due to significant expansion of remote-learning programs. Other users to be included in the research include arts organizations who are engaged in or need access to online programming and presentation solutions to continue their activities.