Validating the efficiency of a semi-synthetic prototype vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus to help alleviate the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic

Based on its semi-synthetic vaccine technology acquired from years of research in breast cancer and several other pathologies, Glycovax has developed a prototype vaccine to address the current coronavirus pandemic. This technology takes advantage of proteins that target a very unique sugar molecule on the surface of the spike (S) protein, an essential protein used by the coronavirus to infect human cells. However, to confirm the broad efficacy of this vaccine platform, prior experimental validation is required to address challenges faced by the company.

Développement d’un imageur ultra-rapide pour déterminer la minéralogie dans des carottes de forages. Partie II «Scanning Automated Mineralogy (SAM)»

Ce projet porte sur le développement d’un instrument de spectroscopie par laser LIBS pour réaliser la numérisation des avoirs miniers par la génération de Big Data de grande sélectivité. Cette technologie permet de rendre universel l’opération de numérisation des avoirs miniers en combinant plusieurs capteurs pour réaliser simultanément la minéralogie automatisé et l’analyse chimique multi-élémentaire. De plus, cette technologie permet de corriger les lacunes des technologies existantes.

Wearable-based viral infection detection before symptom onset

The research project aims to identify whether wearable devices such as smartwatches can be used as reliable tools for detecting viral infections before symptoms appear. This would allow real-time monitoring of a large, potentially vulnerable population and support health workers in their assessments.

Amélioration de la caractérisation des habitats du saumon des rivières de Gaspé

Le projet vise à améliorer la caractérisation des habitats du saumon atlantique, une espèce de poisson dont la pêche sportive constitue une grande valeur économique pour les provinces de l’est du Canada. Dans un premier temps, des méthodes géomatiques à la fine pointe de la technologie seront utilisés pour produire une cartographie semi-automatisée, à jour, et précise des habitats des rivières Dartmouth, York et St-Jean. Cette nouvelles cartographie permettra de mieux évaluer le potentiel de production de ces rivières et d’ainsi mieux en gérer l’exploitation par la pêche sportive.

The Role of Surface Oxidation on the Behaviour of Metal Alloy Microparticles in Electronics Assembly

Solder paste is a material that is approximately 90 % metal alloy powder by weight and 10 % flux medium, a material consisting of organic compounds whose principal function is to remove oxide from the powder surface, is used in the assembly of electronic devices. This material is printed onto circuit boards, after which components are mounted onto them. The assembly is then passed through an oven in a process known as reflow fusing components to the board. The effect of the powder’s surface characteristics on paste behaviour is poorly understood.

Selenium remediation in contaminated soils using biochar amended phytoextraction

Selenium-contaminated Soil remediation could be achieved using a cost-effective technology using a combination of biochar and phytoextraction. Selenium will be uptaken from soil and accumulated in different plant species with the support of biochar amendments. The potential of phytoextraction of Salix sp. and Phleum sp. plant species in a selenium contaminated soil amended with biochar will be tested. Selenium levels and speciation in soil and plants will be assessed in order to identify the plant specie having the best selenium phytoextraction potential.

Development of machine learning and artificial intelligence based tools to improve efficiency in financial services

Our interactions with actors in the financial services industry, including our partner company, uncovered that they possess large amounts of data pertaining to investors and markets, but have yet to extract/learn information of significant value from that data such as expected actions by clients. The industry is conscious of this, but while they are making the needful investments in IT, they report lack of academic expertise in machine learning (ML) / artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock full potentials of such investments.

Nutrient balances (phosphorus and nitrogen) in Lake St. Charles, Quebec, and the evaluation of effectiveness of remediation scenarios for nutrient reductions on the lake's water quality - Year two

Lake St. Charles is the primary drinking water reservoir of Quebec City, Canada, providing water to about 300,000 people. Over the past decade, several occurrences of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom have been recorded, affecting the quality of water in this strategic reservoir. Evaluation of observed data collected over the past decade indicates that the water quality of the lake is undergoing fast degradation due to anthropogenic activities around the lake and in the watershed.

Terahertz Distributed Sensing Platform Based on Waveguide Bragg Gratings - Year two

Distributed sensing is an advanced technology that enables real-time monitoring of variations along the entire length of a waveguide, and offers the possibility of sensing from a long distance. In the optics domain, distributed sensing based on optical fibers has been successfully demonstrated. However, the realization of distributed sensing in the terahertz domain is still at an embryonal stage.

Élucidation des mécanismes d’action anti-C. difficile des souches probiotiques Bio-K+

Les infections à C. difficile (ICD) sont une importante cause de morbidité et de mortalité chez les patients hospitalisés. La formule Bio-K+, commercialisée par Bio-K Plus International Inc. est le seul probiotique homologué par Santé Canada pour aider à réduire l’incidence des ICD et des diarrhées associées aux antibiotiques (DAA). Des travaux antérieurs ont démontré que les souches composant la formule Bio-K+ inhibent la sécrétion des toxines A et B de C. difficile, selon un mécanisme encore non identifié.