Comment opérationnaliser la mobilité interne à la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

Dans le cadre de son programme de développement de la relève, la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec souhaite faciliter la mobilité à l’interne pour les employés à potentiel de relève (EPR). Cela dit, lorsqu’un EPR est muté d’un département à un autre afin d’aller y relever de nouveaux défis, il laisse derrière lui une équipe désormais incomplète, laquelle devra combler le poste vacant par une autre ressource. Or, où recruter cette nouvelle ressource? À l’interne ou à l’externe?

Operational and Strategic Plan Development of an Accelerator in the Technological Innovation for Health Care sector1.3. Academic Discipline:[ Y ]Business

The proposed project is to research the steps needed to take in order to build and sustain an accelerator/incubator in the health care sector, which will provide core processes and steps to the partner organization. The following steps would be undertaken:

o Analysis of other successful incubators/accelerators in the health care space.

o Partnership wish list.

o Strategic plan

o Operational management plan

o Benchmark and KPIs for continuous analysis and performance evaluations

gestion stratégique des compétences dans une PME de services d'inspection de matériaux et de contrôle de qualité: recherche-action sur ses modalités d’implantation

Le succès commercial et la pérennité sociale d’une PME – bref, son âme – résident dans ses personnes et leurs compétences. Une gestion stratégique efficace des compétences d’une PME passe donc nécessairement par la bonne gestion stratégique de ses personnes ou, plus concrètement, des façons dont ces derniers décident librement et en toute conscience de mettre à contribution leurs compétences au bénéfice de l’entreprise (c.-à-d. expertise, conscience professionnelle, mécanismes personnels de création de sens).

Facilitating Institutional Investment in Emerging Markets Infrastructure Projects

Well-functioning infrastructure, broadly defined as the basic physical structures and facilities needed for a society to function efficiently (like roads, bridges, and power plants), is integral to the economic and social wellbeing of a nation and its citizens. Unfortunately, in the post-2008 world of austerity and increased global banking regulation, governments and banks have been unable to provide the necessary capital to keep up with the world’s infrastructure investment needs.

Aboriginal B-Model Canvas

This project will provide the necessary research for the development of a business model for Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Northwestern British Columbia. Nesika Management Ltd. has previously used Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas to teach First Nations entrepreneurs, but finds that the model lacks cultural specificity and is not ideal for the needs of Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

A Macroeconomic Structural Model for CommoditiesPrices

Over the past two decades, commodities have become mainstream financial instruments. With a flux of wealth invested in commodities markets, commodities price levels have increased beyond expectations. Moreover, the commodities markets have become more volatile than ever. Understanding the nature of price changes and market movements is essential to project and investment valuations. In this project, we aim at developing a structural storage model for commodities prices. This model will be based on supply/demand and inventory levels of commodities.

A Technology Management Analysis Platform

The context of emerging technologies, this project aims to develop a practical management tool that can help technology firms to fully assess new technology value proposition, formulate the risks & opportunities profile, and develop implementation plan.

Innovation Intermediary: Design Strategies for Business Incubator Modeling

TechBA Vancouver is evolving from exclusively operating as an organization delivering programs run by the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and supported by Mexico's Secretary of Economy, to an innovation-focused solution generator. This encompasses accelerating and incubating services for businesses. Along with TechBA`s other eight locations in highly technologically competitive environments, its objective is to position Mexico as a world---class innovation-led technology provider.

BRIGHTLANE: Creating a Home for a Community of Entrepreneurs

BRIGHTLANE: Launching an Incubator” is a research project that will explore and evaluate different traditional approaches to creating supportive environments for startup business. Co-working spaces have seen enormous growth in recent years and people seek the support and savings associated with a shared workspace. This project will provide foundational research to facilitate the launch of a new co-working environment in downtown Toronto that will have a specific focus on the creative industries.

Redefining Agri trends for a better future

BC potato industry is facing a burning problem of finding low value for its second grade potatoes. The sponsor, Heppells Potato Corp, being the largest producer of potatoes in BC is facing the same problem of finding optimized value for its second grade potatoes. Currently these potatoes are just culled. But the market value of these potatoes is equivalent to 10 - 20% of the whole farm's revenue. Hence they are exploring other options to process and commercialize these potatoes.