Disaster Recovery as a Green Cloud Service: Balancing Risk, Cost, and Carbon

Unlike centralized computing, which is typically performed in a single data-center, Cloud computing enables the computation to be spread across multiple geographically distributed data-centers which are abstracted as a single system by the Cloud management layer. This computational model enables disaster recovery (DR) by re-establishing the services provided by a data-center affected by the disaster in another healthy data-center capable of hosting the applications providing these services.

Méthodologie et outils de conception de simulateur temps réel avec matériel dans la boucle sur FPGA

Pour tester les contrôleurs électriques dans les domaines tels que les systèmes de puissance, l’aéronautique et l’automobile, on doit réaliser des simulateurs temps réel des moteurs et d’autres dispositifs électriques afin de s’assurer de leur bon fonctionnement et de leur sécurité dans diverses circonstances (ex. la foudre qui frappe une ligne de transmission ou un avion). Par ailleurs, ces simulateurs doivent réagir très rapidement aux commandes (de l’ordre du millionième de seconde).

Online seizure detection using EEG-based features of neural rhythms measured from a wireless headset

Avertus Epilepsy Technologies Inc. is building a wireless headset that records brain waves (EEG) without requiring extensive, time-consuming, and uncomfortable patient preparation. Avertus’ SMART (Seizure Monitoring at the Right Time) Headset is a patient focused, point-of-care monitoring and detection system. Worn during the day or just at night during sleep, the SMART Headset represents safety, response when needed, and peace-of-mind. For drug companies and treating physicians, the SMART Headset provides an objective measure of seizure occurrence to assess drug efficacy.

Security Investigation and Solutions to Online Advertising Fraud Problems

The market share of online advertising, also known as Internet advertising, has been increasing dramatically in recent years. On the other hand, malicious behaviors, such as click fraud, have degraded the effectiveness of online advertising. Via fraud clicks, a considerable amount of revenues have been lost to fraud conductors. For instance, based on a report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, click fraud accounts for as much as 36% of all advertising clicks, which costs defrauded advertisers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Cooperative Integrated Navigation Systems for GNSS-Challenging Environments

Connected Cars is an emerging technology that aims at enhancing driving experience and improving safety, productivity, and integrity of transportation systems. Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS) is a leader in telematics and infotainment technologies, including the convergence of both technologies in delivering the ultimate connected car experience. One of the core components in connected cars environment is an accurate and robust positioning system that can work in all environments. Current location technology is dominant by the popular Global Positioning System (GPS).

Lie Group Harmonic and Statistical Analysis of Human Movement

Statistical and harmonic analysis of 3-dimensional motions of objects or humans are instrumental to establish how these motions differ, depending on various influences. When such motions involve no tearing, they may be described

Linear array CMUTs for medical imaging applications

We propose the construction of novel ultrasound transducer structures based on existing MEMS technology that has been in development through collaboration between Micralyne and Prof. Roger Zemp. We will be exploring linear array transducers intended for medical imaging, and individual transducers for automotive use for ultrasound range finding. We will undertake the design, modelling, fabrication, packaging, and testing of the devices. The end goal is to produce commercially-viable transducers that may be used as replacements for the current generation of piezoelectric-based transducers.

Effects of Mobile Technologies on Emergency Response

Workplace incidents usually need to be reported and it is important to ensure that they are resolved in a timely manner. To understand the procedures involved in an emergency response to a workplace incident, we have started investigating the existing practices of the McGill University Safety office by interviewing their personnel. We focused our investigation on chemical spills that occur in the workplace, and found potential areas of improvement in their practices. These potential areas of improvement can be addressed by mobile sensing.

Industrial Applications of Frequency Comb Lidar

The goal of the proposed research project is to explore applications of frequency combs, for which laboratory applications have already been demonstrated, in an industrial setting. The research will be mainly focused on chemical sensing of stack emissions for monitoring purposes. As a secondary objective, the use of frequency combs in vibrometric measurements for structural health monitoring applications will also be explored. For the most promising applications, the project will be concluded with work on a development roadmap for a commercial platform.

Control of a Self-Organizing Network of Quadrotor Vehicles Interacting with Real-Time Acoustic Signals

Networks are pervasive in our world. From migrating birds flying in formation, to social groups, wireless networks, world-wide web, the examples are endless. Migrating birds, such as the Canada goose, are a good example of a network between agents where information is communicated based on real-time musical (acoustic) signals. Inspired by this example, the research problem being addressed in this proposal is the real-time autonomous response of a network of quadrotors to acoustic inputs in a choreographic performance.