Smarter Microelectronics Packaging for Performance Scaling

This research project will investigate materials and process behaviors in microelectronic packages that are become increasingly dense and explore novel alternatives to accommodate such densities. When more components are placed and interconnected with each other in smaller and smaller spaces, traditional materials and methods for package assembly become difficult, if not impossible, to replicate.

Development and testing of networked equipment program

In this project, the objective is to design and develop a mechanism for building networking solutions that would be used for automatic communication of machinery devices in the Utility facilities. For this purpose, the intern will conduct a research on the requirements of the desired applications in the target industry and extract the technical parameters that need to be considered. Also, he will study the potential in the existing technologies for enabling these communications.

Signal/Noise analyzer for EM Telemetry tool

he ultimate objective of this project is to design and develop a signal/noise analyzer to improve the reliability and efficiency of EM-based measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tool within various strata formation under high temperature, deep drilling environment. In order to analyze the received signal contaminated by surface and underground noise, it is essential to understand the electrical and magnetic field behavior with respect to rock formation and the transmitted signal properties including frequency, amplitude, and phase.

Contextual recommendation for online merchants

Shopify provides a platform for merchants to sell their products online. Shopify merchants typically face various common concerns at different phases of their development, such as uploading their product descriptions, marketing their shop, increasing their sales, etc. The goal of this project is to build a software system to identify which problems the merchant is currently facing and for which some help is welcome, and to make customized, pertinent, timely and yet unintrusive suggestions to solve these problems, thus acting as a virtual business assistant.

Optimized DAP Placement and WiMAX Planning for Smart Grid

Smart grid aims at improving the power grid performance, security and reliability through monitoring, controlling and protecting the grid dynamically. As communication infrastructure and technologies provide two-way data communication between grid endpoints, they are the key enablers for smart grid realization. WiMAX and 802.15.4g is among the dominant considered communication technologies for smart grid implementation.

Magnetic Compression and Stability of Spheromaks

The objective of a fusion device is to confine a plasma and heat it to a temperative high enough for its ions to gain sufficient energy to overcome their mutually repulsive force and fuse. Fusion neutrons will provide a heat souce that's used to generate electricity in a steam cycle. Fusion power is environmentally friendly and the fuel source is abundant. A spheromak is a toroidal plasma configuration that has internal currents to maintain the magnetic field that keeps it together. Several methods are used to compress spheromaks at General Fusion.

Scalability management for virtualized IMS

IP multimedia subsystem has been identified by mobile network operators as a promising framework for deploying VoLTE and rich communications services. Offering these services in efficient manner makes it even more attractive. Virtualization represents the suitable concept to achieve this. Moreover, deploying IMS in virtualized environment becomes a solution of great potential especially for multi-tenant application providers. This project aims at defining and validating elasticity management approaches of virtualized IMS based on SLA.

Energy Efficient Integrated Design of Flight Management Systems and Autopilots with Terrain Avoidance Capabilities

The amount of emissions to the atmosphere is currently an important environmental concern as policy makers and Heads of State are starting to demonstrate a strong interest in energy efficient transportation, in particular energy efficient aircraft. However, current autopilot technology will often not take into account the energy used to perform a given maneuver which can lead to potentially larger fuel consumption and larger atmospheric emissions than what is strictly necessary. The task of energy optimization is typically left to a flight management system (FMS).

Development of design algorithms for WDM network modernization

The rapid technological evolution of telecommunication networks demands service providers to regularly update their technology, with the aim of remaining competitive in the marketplace. However, upgrading the technology in a network is not a trivial task. When modernizing a network, the existing infrastructure and network components need to be taken into account. The design exercise must not only take into consideration the overall desired functionality and capacity but also the existing network properties.

Quantitative Digital Pathology Algorithm for an Automated Cancer Slide Imaging System

Digital Pathology provides a great reliable source for cancer diagnosis; however, this relatively new technique lacks an appropriate method of regulation and standardization. As a result the information obtained from cancer imaging system might suffer from inconsistency of the results (repeatability and reproducibility issues). Working with the BC Cancer Research Center, Logipath Medical Inc. has developed a number of quantitative pathology systems some of which have been spun off to commercial entities.