Aerodynamic Noise of High-Lift Devices

The proposed project studies the noise sources of airplane high-lift devices (HLD) that are responsible for most of the aircraft noise at approach. The latter in turn creates noise nuisances that create health issues to populations close to large urban airports. Two approaches are followed. A state-of-the art simulation that predicts most of the turbulent structures that generate the HLD noise will be performed and will serve as a reference to the development of analytical models of the HLD noise that will be integrated in a  unique software by the partner.

Abrasive Waterjet Polishing of Large Hydraulic Turbine Blades

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of the hard-to-reach areas of the hydraulic turbine blades using abrasive waterjet polishing method. By this way, the energy lost caused by parietal friction between the turbine blades and the flow will be decreased and consequently the efficiency of the turbine will be improved. Previously, the polishing process of some parts of the turbines was performed manually which caused uneven finished surface and poor quality in some areas. With this method, through a uniform polishing strategy, the desired surface quality can be achieved.

Development of High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Application

Electric vehicles (EVs) are considered as next-generation automotive for green and sustainable transportation. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are the most promising energy storage system for EVs among different available techniques. However, in order to power EVs on the road, currently commercial LIBs need to be greatly improved in terms of performance, safety, and cost, which are mainly dependent on the electrode materials.

Modeling and simulation for predictive building control using high-resolution climateforecasting

The state-of-the-art of building energy management systems uses model predictive control to compare alternative control strategies prior to implementation. Climate conditions dramatically influence the control strategy selection. These rely on conventional climate forecasting that provides coarse resolution with respect to both time and space (e.g. 1 hour, 50 km). The industrial partner Green Power Labs Inc. (GPLI) and Dalhousie University propose to use high-resolution climate forecasting at the sub-hourly and building level resolution (e.g.

Multifunction system for measuring endothelial cell remodeling under laminar and turbulentpulsatile flow related to heart disease Year One

A London-based company, Novel Cardiovascular Systems Inc, has developed a unique multifunction system for measuring endothelial (arterial wall) cell remodelling under different types of laminar, turbulent and intermittent pulsatile flows that are associated with the onset and development of heart disease, notably atherosclerosis (narrowing of the artery). In order to accelerate the product to market, NCSI must validate the system with respect to cell biology and blood flow mechanics.

Combined Building Integrated PV/Thermal (BIPV/T) Collector with Two-stageVariable Capacity Air Source Heat Pump for Net-Zero Energy Building Applications Year One

Building Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal (BIPV/T) systems are arrays of photovoltaic panels integrated into the building envelope facades and roofs that produce electricity and incorporate the additional function of recovering useful thermal energy. The energy can be used for space, domestic water heating or air conditioning. Recuperating heat from the BIPVjT system improves electrical efficiency and reduces the temperature of PV modules resulting in extended life expectancy of the panels. BIPV/T systems also improve the aesthetic exterior appearance of the building.

Permeability-based leakage model to describe functional failure in composite storage vessels for alternative fuels

Pressure vessels made entirely from fiber-reinforced polymer can generate substantial cost and performance improvements leading to their greater acceptance as a storage medium for pressurized alternative fuels (e.g. hydrogen). Inherent anisotropy and inhomogeneity of fiberreinforced composites usually induces functional failure (i.e. leakage) that precedes structural failure by bursting. Functional failure is attributed mainly to transverse matrix micro-cracking.

A paper based microfluidics device for E.coli detection from water

This project will result in the development of a simple, reliable, and rapid system for detecting E. coli bacteria in water for public health and environmental monitoring. We will use paper-based microfluidics fabricated by common laser-jet printing techniques. When E. coli is detected by the device, a color change becomes visible and can be quantified to estimate the bacteria count in water. The test will be commercialized for remote water testing applications.

Investigation of In-Situ Flux Effect on Hydride Properties in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes in CANDU Reactors

The main objective of this proposal is to investigate the effect of in-situ flux on the structure and fracture properties of zirconium hydrides in cold-worked Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube material. 3. Experimental Methodology Post Doctoral Fellow Name: Yasir Idrees 3.1 Material and Specimen Preparation An unirradiated, cold-worked Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube will be used for this work. A tube section will be hydrided to target hydrogen concentration of 150 ppm using an electrolytic hydriding and thermal diffusion technique.

Development of tests to assess GDL stability during MEA production

Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. is engaged in producing fuel cell stacks for automotive applications. The plant in Burnaby BC is the exclusive fuel cell manufacturer for Mercedes-Benz worldwide (marking the world's first large-scale production facility for automotive fuel cells.) The Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Division (MBFC) has shown interest in active collaborations with Canadian universities and research institutes to advance manufacturing processes and engage leading Canadian scientists. In early 2013, an NSERC Engage grant enabled the first collaboration between MBFC and Dr.