Fabrication of multilayer antibacterial PHBV-based micro-nanofibre through the electrospinning technique

Due to the prevalence of coronavirus and the spread of Covid-19 disease, the use of masks has increased significantly, which due to the more disposable use of these masks, environmental hazards have increased significantly. Therefore, the production of high-performance masks in the field of antimicrobials is very important. In this project, we investigate suitable biodegradable polymers for the production of micro/nanomembranes suitable for the production of face masks through the electrospinning method that is environmentally friendly.

Maintien de la productivité du pin gris sur sable

Bien que les causes qui mènent à (et qui maintiennent) l’état improductif des pinèdes grises à lichens ont fait l’objet de nombreuses études, nous ne possédons à ce jour aucune stratégie d’aménagement durable des pinèdes sur sable. Les objectifs de ce projet sont 1) d’identifier les variables et processus (e.g.

Production et caractérisation de nouveaux ingrédients enrichis en constituants actifs issus du jaune d’œuf et étude de leur digestibilité

Malgré la forte croissance des protéines émergentes et alternatives, la consommation de protéines conventionnelles telles que issues de l’œuf continue d’augmenter. Le jaune d’œuf reste très peu valorisé du fait de ces propriétés fonctionnelles limitées.

Analyse de cycle de vie organisationnelle et stratégies de circularité

Le but du projet est d’accompagner l’entreprise CCM Hockey dans sa transformation vers l’adoption de pratiques environnementales plus vertes, en lien avec les principes du développement durable (DD) et de l’économie circulaire (ÉC). Le projet est divisé en trois étapes.

Monolithic microwave integrated circuit front-end module for satellite communication and next generation wireless communication applications

Front-end Module is key component in satellite and wireless telecommunication systems. It contains sub-modules like power amplifier, duplexer, antenna, low noise amplifier and etc. Advanced semiconductor technology enables the integration of these sub-modules. Compared to conventional bulky communication systems, this integration features compact size, lower cost, and higher performance. In 2019, the MMIC market reaches 7.7 Billion and increase to 10 Billion in 2022. The proposed project will use Gallium Nitride, the latest semiconductor technology, to design high performance MMIC chips.

Development and validation of an automated diagnostic tool for wound imaging - Year two

Over 6.5 million people in North America live with chronic wounds which pose a burden on their quality of life and the healthcare system. Chronic wounds are estimated to cost over $30 billion per year. Swift Medical is a pioneer in point-of-care imaging for wounds. Their mobile apps allow the reliable and accurate measurement of wound characteristics, making it an ideal tool to track healing and identify healing patterns.

L’initiative collective Mauricie Récolte entre agriculteurs, bénévoles et organismes régionaux afin de valoriser le glanage comme activité sociale

Afin de lutter contre l’insécurité alimentaire, plusieurs groupes d’acteurs-citoyens sont en train de se mobiliser pour récolter les « fonds de champs. Au Québec, Mauricie Récolte, issu du regroupement initial du projet Maski récolte et Des chenaux récolte, a mis en contact les producteurs, les cueilleurs et les organismes communautaires pour développer un projet de glanage depuis 2018. Fort de son succès, un processus de régionalisation s’est imposé peu à peu.

Setting conservation and restoration priorities in agricultural landscape: how to optimize ecosystem services and minimize trade-offs between beneficiaries

Agricultural landscapes represent challenging territories for the protection of nature and associated biodiversity and ecosystem services (ES). These services are the benefits that people get from nature and can be as diverse as getting pure water, experiencing air cooling or being protected from storm event. This project aims at developing methods to identify locations where to put our efforts for conservation and restoration actions in agricultural landscapes in order to optimize the supply of ecosystem services.

Adaptive navigation in structured archives of immersive content

In the 1990s, game companies started releasing the first prototypes of virtual reality headsets. Since then, virtual reality evolved into a wide variety of practices and experiences. The field of possibilities extends from 360-degree immersive films, where the frame of vision and hearing can vary with a head turn, to highly interactive game-based works, where the user can move in the virtual world to perform decisions that will change the course of the story.

Modeling of combined heat and power generation in Canada

Canada ambitions to achieve a deep decarbonization of its economy by 2050, with a reduction of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions up to 90% relative to their 2005 levels. Such a transition from the current situation will have important impacts in particular on its energy sector.