Notes de programme numériques

Le stage a pour objectif 1) de donner au stagiaire l’occasion de comprendre l’organisation du travail et tous les mécanismes en jeu lorsqu’il s’agit de préparer du matériel destiné à la médiation de la musique et plus particulièrement des notes de programme; 2) de familiariser le stagiaire aux méthodes employées par le partenaire pour la constitution des notes; 3) de développer une habileté spécifique de rédaction de notes de programme symphonique; 4) d’appliquer les connaissances historiques, théoriques et pratiques (celles acquise au sein de l’entreprise) dans la conception et la réalisation

La gamification : le pouvoir du jeu au service des organisations et des utilisateurs

Le mémoire porte sur la gamification, un nouveau terme qui désigne une pratique qui consiste à utiliser des éléments de jeu dans d'autres contextes que le jeu (ex: éducation, travail, applications web et mobile, etc.) dans le but d’engager et de motiver les utilisateurs à résoudre des problèmes et à atteindre des objectifs. L'objectif de ce mémoire est de comprendre comment la gamification se fait à travers diverses entreprises. Quels sont les principes fondamentaux et le processus de design au coeur d'une expérience gamifiée?

Assessing the Effectiveness of Knewton's Adaptive Learning Technology Year Two

I will be involved in two different projects with Pearson Education, 1) evaluate Knewton’s adaptive learningtechnology, and 2) assess the efficacy and improve the quality of the existing assessment tools and items. My proposalwill focus on the first project.The goal of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness and pedagogical values of Knewton’s adaptive learningtechnology, a technology meant to differentially help students depending on their needs.

Asset-Based Community Enterprise Development in Bolivia

This cross-sectoral research project will track the process of supporting four nascent community-based enterprises (CBEs) in indigenous communities in the Bolivian highlands, examining the complex interaction of factors that contribute to successful CBEs.

Multiview 4D facial keypoints tracking

The accurate localization of facial keypoints in static images, and their tracking in video has many potential applications. In this project we will address the problem of fine-grained facial keypoint tracking using multiple images and cameras, possibly including depth cameras. We have identified three potential partners, each of whom focus on applications that require the accurate localization and/or tracking of facial keypoints. In one potential application we are interested in detecting certain congenital syndromes using detailed facial analysis.

Glycerol conversion to value added products: 1, 3-propanediol (1,3-PDO) and Acrylic Acid(AA)

This project is aimed to develop novel catalytic system and process for production of valuable chemicals such as 1,3-propanediol and acrylic acid from glycerol. Glycerol is a byproduct of biodiesel production (10 kg of biodiesel yields 1 kg of glycerol). The production of biodiesel is expected to grow almost 7-fold from 3.8 MMTPA in 2005 to about 25 MMTPA in 2015. This increase in demand for biodiesel in the world market has increased the quantity of glycerol generated.

Big Data Cleaning

Poor data quality is a barrier to effective, high-quality decision-making based on data. Declarative data cleaning has emerged as an effective tool for both assessing and improving the quality of data. In this work, we will address some important challenges in applying declarative data cleaning to big data, challenges that arise due to the scale, complexity, and massive heterogeneity of such data. First, we will investigate the use of domain ontologies to enhance declarative data cleaning. Second, given the dynamic nature of big data, we will develop new continuous data cleaning methods.

Development of High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Application

Electric vehicles (EVs) are considered as next-generation automotive for green and sustainable transportation. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are the most promising energy storage system for EVs among different available techniques. However, in order to power EVs on the road, currently commercial LIBs need to be greatly improved in terms of performance, safety, and cost, which are mainly dependent on the electrode materials.

The interaction of Cryptosporidium with aquatic biofilm systems

This project aims to determine

(1) whether Cryptosporidium development can occur under the very low nutrient conditions found in drinking water and

Establishing the seismic performance factors for reinforced concrete pedestals in elevated liquid tanks Year Two

The primary objective of this project is to establish the seismic performance factors for elevated liquid tanks. In addition, the nonlinear dynamic response behaviour of supporting towers in elevated liquid tanks when subjected to extreme dynamic loads will be investigated. A numerical approach which employs finite element technique as well as a probabilistic collapse analysis method is proposed.