In-Ear Audio and Speech Processing Algorithms: Evaluation, Optimization and Consolidation

Everyday more than one million Canadians working in noisy environments are using Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs) to be protected against the risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Together with the NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS), the EERS Global Technologies Inc. has recently brought to market an innovative line of HPDs, enabling workers to effectively communicate in noise while being protected.

Development and modification of green composites obtained from recycled polyethylene/crumb tire/ inorganic additives for exterior applications

In the current project, the use of recycled polymers such as landfilled tires and polyethylene (PE) plastic is suggested to be reused for the manufacturing of composites for exterior applications such as shingle roofing, cladding and post fencing. Even though, this material has been already used for this application, but the mechanical and thermal properties of the products need to be developed by using inorganic additives. In this project, aluminum trihydrate (ATH) and clay are suggested to improve flame retardancy and mechanical properties of the PE/crumb tire/additive.

Simple and versatile mid-infrared laser seed platform

This project intends to develop a new platform for lasers operating in the mid-infrared, an invisible portion of the optical spectrum where molecules have unique signatures that allow identifying what is present in which quantity in a gas sample or in a chemical sample. These lasers can be used in tele detection for instance to quantify emissions of pollutants from a chimney or to find sources of greenhouse gases. Current mid-infrared lasers do not fulfill all the needs, are too expansive or too fragile for deployment in commercial applications.

A Deep Learning Method for Detecting Defaults on Assembly Line

With the advancement of methods based on artificial-intelligence, computer vision and deep learning, activities concerning progress monitoring, safety management, and quality control can be automated that leads to saving in time and cost. With the collaboration with partner industry, computer-vision approaches are going to be employed in order to find an improved method that utilizes new machine learning techniques to detect defaults on prefabricated production line. The results will help with improving the quality level of products and reducing potential project risks.

Développement d’un imageur ultra-rapide pour déterminer la minéralogie dans des carottes de forages. Partie II «Scanning Automated Mineralogy (SAM)»

Ce projet porte sur le développement d’un instrument de spectroscopie par laser LIBS pour réaliser la numérisation des avoirs miniers par la génération de Big Data de grande sélectivité. Cette technologie permet de rendre universel l’opération de numérisation des avoirs miniers en combinant plusieurs capteurs pour réaliser simultanément la minéralogie automatisé et l’analyse chimique multi-élémentaire. De plus, cette technologie permet de corriger les lacunes des technologies existantes.

Réduction des risques liés aux troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) et aux vibrations main-bras lors d'activités d'ébavurage chez Héroux-Devtek Inc. - Part 2

La recherche vise à développer un poste de travail incluant des outils manuels, des méthodes de travail, des dispositifs de maintien des pièces, d'aspiration des poussières, et d'éclairage qui permettent de réduire les facteurs de risques à la santé et à la sécurité des travailleurs dans une usine de remise à neuf de pièces de train d'atterrissage d'aéronefs. Ces facteurs de risques sont liés principalement aux mauvaises postures de travail, aux efforts importants lors du travail, ainsi qu'aux vibrations excessives provenant des outils utilisés.

Semi supervised object detection

Deep learning technology is a great tool to learn complex patterns and make prediction based on this learning. In order to get the most accurate predictions, one needs to train those neural networks on vast amount of labelled data. Labelling data is a time consuming and costly task. Using semi supervised learning, it should be possible to label a fraction of the dataset and let the neural network learn by itself on the rest of the, unlabelled, data, thus greatly reducing the overhead of using deep learning technology.

Design of a highly integrated ultrasonic piezoelectric controller

While touch screens have become the de facto user interface for cell phones, they do not provide any mechanical feedback to the user, unlike standard keyboards and computer mouse where we can feel the buttons springing back against our fingers. This, however, could be replicated through haptic technology, which can mimic various sensations through smooth surfaces (touch screen or phone case). For example, a haptic device can simulate the sensation of pressing a button.

Caractérisation du coefficient de frottement de l’aluminium à haute température appliqué au procédé HSBF (High Speed Blow Forming)

Dans le but de d’alléger et d’améliorer les véhicules existant l’entreprise Verbom a développé un procédé de mise en forme de l’aluminium qui permet de réaliser des pièces de carrosserie forme complexe que les méthodes traditionnelles de mise en forme de permettent pas d’obtenir. Afin de pouvoir optimiser le procédé et d’augmenter la productivité l’entreprise possède une simulation numérique du procédé.

Techno economic assessment of state-of-art innovative fast pyrolysis solutions in bio-economy processes - Year two

The present project will evaluate the techno-economic and environmental performance of an Integrated Biorefinery System that employs an innovative state-of-art fast pyrolysis processes for the production of bio renewable fuels in the bio-economy.