Impacts des bureaux de projets (PMO) dans la transformation des organisations publiques dans les pays en voie de développement : cas de la Zambie et de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC)

Dans les pays en voie de développement, le budget national repose sur des projets financés par des bailleurs de fonds internationaux. Une saine gestion de projets est donc une condition essentielle au succès des stratégies de développement national. Actuellement, la gestion de projets se fait en silo, malgré l’existence de la déclaration de Paris : « la communauté internationale s’est entendue sur les principes d’harmonisation des méthodologies, d’appropriation par les pays, d’alignement sur les procédures nationales et, plus généralement, la gestion axée sur les résultats ».

Design and Deploy PI-Containers on Pharma (Vaccine& Repurposing Inhibitors) Supply Chain based on Physical Internet and Blockchain Technologies

The excellent work expected by the intern will contribute to R&D McGili Canada significantly, especially her expertise and research experience in pharma industry; Physical Internet is an open innovation ecosystem, the innovation avenue and business potential will be demonstrated based on the stage-based collaborative efforts.

Identifiability of latent factors through multiple self-supervision

Human perception has developed the ability to decompose scenes into fine grained elements. This lays the foundation for strong generalization to new situations where the base concepts can be recomposed to interpret objects never seen before. While it has been shown that, in the general case, proper decomposition is not possible, new paradigms provide provable decomposition in constrained environments. We hypothesize that the multiple sensory systems of human perception offer a strong signal for decomposing scenes in a proper way.

Identification des protéines cellulaires impliquées dans l'effet antiviral des polymères d'acides nucléiques (NAPs) lors d'une infection par le virus de l'hépatite B (VHB) (PARTIE-II)

L’hépatite B est une affection hépatique causée par le virus de l'hépatite B (VHB) qui peut évoluer sous une forme chronique et exposer les malades à un risque important de cirrhose et/ou de cancer hépatique. Malgré un vaccin efficace, le VHB affecte de façon chronique plus de 270 millions de personnes et cause plus de 800 000 décès par année. Récemment, l’entreprise montréalaise Replicor a procédé à l’élaboration d’un traitement novateur basé sur l’utilisation de « polymère d’acides nucléiques » (NAPs).

Screening of bacteriophage receptor on mutant bacterial libraries

Phagelux has developed a cocktail of bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) that treat infections with bacteria resistant to antibiotics. During the curse of treatment, bacteria may become resistant to bacteriophages included in the cocktail. This project aims at determing the bacteria surface markers on which bacteriophages can bind and start their therapeutic function. This will help Phagelux to improve the cocktail by adding other bacteriophages that can bind on other surface not targeted by the bacteriophages included in the existing cocktail.

Développement d'un procédé électrochimique pour le traitement à la source des eaux usées phytosanitaires

Les produits phytosanitaires utilisés en agriculture, pour lutter contre les espèces nuisibles et les adventices sont devenus essentiels pour une agriculture performante. Cependant, la présence de ces composés (herbicides, insecticides et fongicides) dans les eaux est à prendre en considération en raison de leur toxicité potentielle pour l’homme, pour la faune et la flore du milieu aquatique contaminées.

Machine Learning Solutions for Detecting Suspicious and Abnormal User Access Roles and Entitlements

The latest cybersecurity incidents (e.g., Desjardinds, CapitalOne) have shown that the current cybersecurity solutions are not always effective in capturing and preventing attacks, especially when it comes to insider attacks that originate from within the targeted organization. In this project which will be conducted in collaboration with Xpertics, we aim to build a new solution for extracting and analyzing users’ access and entitlement data within a cloud environment, in order to detect suspicious and abnormal access activities and permissions.

COVID-19 Prevention: Hybrid Polymer/Photoactive Ceramic Self-Disinfecting Coating

This twelve-month project aims to understand and propose a practical solution to prevent transmission of COVID-19 from contact with contaminated surfaces. It addresses a challenge of crucial importance for Canada and for Bioastra Technologies, a Canadian company specialising in smart materials for health, robotics and environmental applications. BioAstra was recently designated as an "essential service" by the Quebec government to repurpose existing smart coating and smart wearables technology towards the fight against COVID-19.

Real-time acoustic detection on mobile devices to support the deaf and hard of hearing with situational awareness

Hearing loss individuals face apparent as well as subtle, systematic, and safety challenges every day in a world predicated on hearing. Traditional hearing assistive solutions are not readily available in some environments. Hence, Lisnen is exploring opportunities to leverage available tools, such as mobile devices, to act as a hearing assistive device to provide situational awareness. These devices will identify relevant and vital sounds, both indoors and outdoors spaces using deep learning models.

Identifying a novel role for the Von Hippel-Lindau protein in phosphoinositide metabolism and its potential as a personalized therapeutic strategy in renal cell carcinoma

Overview. There are 6,600 adults in Canada that will be diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2020. Renal Cell Carcinoma incidence has increased in the last 20 years particularly in developed countries. Unfortunately, these tumors are asymptomatic and 30% of patients present metastases at diagnosis. There is no curative treatment for metastatic RCC and it is crucial to develop new approaches to treat this disease. Research progress. We work on novel therapeutic strategies to treat RCC. Inactivation of the von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) tumor suppressor gene is an early event reported in up to 90% of RCC.