Renforcer les familles dans le besoin, de Hanoï à Halifax

Hanh Phuc Nguyen est étudiante en anglais des affaires à la Foreign Trade University de Hanoï au Vietnam. Elle n’avait jamais pensé à faire ses études à l’étranger, mais après avoir découvert en ligne le Programme de stages de recherche Globalink, elle a changé d’idée : « Je ne me sentais pas à l’aise de voyager à l’étranger, et ça ne m’a jamais traversé l’esprit de venir au Canada. Mais lorsque j’ai découvert le programme Globalink, j’ai su qu’il fallait que je présente ma candidature! »

Global Health Governance in South India

Global Health Governance is a hot topic these days but it seldom reaches the dalitbahujans (low caste and tribal peoples, the majority in India). Pairing industry with global health agendas is the wave of the future and can be more fruitful if culturally sensitive. Eight years ago, India embarked on the National Rural Health Mission for improved health governance in the rural areas and to realize the Millennium Development Goals.

De grandes avancées pour une petite entreprise dans la lutte contre les maladies résistantes aux antibiotiques et le cancer

L’approche de Chelation Partners pour lutter contre les maladies résistantes aux antibiotiques est tout à fait novatrice : il faut éliminer leur approvisionnement en fer. Sans cette substance, les bactéries peinent à se multiplier et deviennent plus vulnérables aux effets des antibiotiques. De plus, Chelation Partners a découvert que cette méthode pourrait s’appliquer également dans la lutte contre le cancer. Les cellules cancéreuses semblent moins tolérantes à des niveaux de fer plus bas comparativement à d’autres cellules dans le corps.

Genetic control of Reproductive Longevity in Mouse and Validation of a genetic marker panel to predict Fertility and Longevity traits in Holstein Dairy Cattle

Reproductive Longevity (RL) is a complex biological trait under the control of many genes. In Cattle, RL is a key productivity factor, especially for dairy cows. The proposed research aims to identify RL-controlling genes in mammals using: 1) a unique model system, selectively-bred mouse lines that reproduce twice as long and have twice as many litters as matched control lines and 2) cattle (bulls) with High or Low genetic merit for Longevity. The project Partner, Performance Genomics Inc.

Development and testing of an on-line video game to teach second languages

Copernicus Studios Inc. (CSI; Halifax, NS) is developing LANGA – disruptive LANguage GAming software to help people learn new languages. LANGA uses advanced speech recognition and high-end animation to create a unique and engaging gaming experience. However, LANGA is more than just flash – it has been developed in partnership with the NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab (NCIL) at Dalhousie University. This industrial-academic partnership was forged to ensure that the training programs are informed by research in second language learning, and that LANGA’s effectiveness has been validated in the lab.

Tumor Reduction and Enhanced Responsiveness to Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy Via Selective Removal of Iron: Mechanism and Preclinical Evaluation Year Two

Chelation Partners Inc. has developed a family of new and highly selective iron chelators such as DIBI. In collaboration with Dr. Hoskin, DIBI is being investigated as a novel anti-cancer agent. Preliminary research suggests that DIBI can selectively inhibit the growth and survival of cancer cells and render them more sensitive to radiation therapy. The proposed research builds on previous work to increase our understanding of how the removal of iron by DIBI affects cancer cells and makes them more sensitive to radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Functional genomics of abiotic stress tolerance in the brown algalmodel Ectocarpus siliculosus using an Arabidopsis toolbox

A Ph.D. student will be trained in an interdisciplinary area of algal functional genomics and molecular plant physiology. Combining these two areas in this project will solve two major issues. (1) Currently, there is a limitation in the study of brown algal functional genomics; brown algae, including Ectocarpus, are not yet amenable for genetic transformation, and other genetic tools like RNA interference system are still in their infancy for these organisms.

Uncovering Sources of Plastics Waste in the Maritimes to Support Innovative Recycling Technologies

The project aims to collect and synthesize information pertaining to low-grade plastics waste streams in Atlantic Canada. The project will focus on type, quantity, quality, location, and current management practices of the plastics waste streams identified. Information will be gathered primarily from farmers, waste management groups, and key government informants in Nova Scotia. The intern will provide research support in all aspects of plastics waste streams as needed by Nova ReNew.

Modeling and simulation for predictive building control using high-resolution climateforecasting

The state-of-the-art of building energy management systems uses model predictive control to compare alternative control strategies prior to implementation. Climate conditions dramatically influence the control strategy selection. These rely on conventional climate forecasting that provides coarse resolution with respect to both time and space (e.g. 1 hour, 50 km). The industrial partner Green Power Labs Inc. (GPLI) and Dalhousie University propose to use high-resolution climate forecasting at the sub-hourly and building level resolution (e.g.

Social Lead Identification Year Two

Millions of people post information on social media sites about their interests, preferences, opinions etc. on a daily basis. LeadSift mines this data stream in real-time to generate incredibly accurate and targeted sales leads. Given the short text and ambiguity around a social post, it gets very difficult to accurately identify intent. This project will explore different Natural Language Processing techniques to analyze the inherent semantic structure of social posts. Due the real-time nature of the social data, the algorithms need to be extremely efficient and scalable.