Research And Development of Heat Flowable High-Strength Bioabsorbable Bone Adhesive

The primary project objective of this proposal is to evaluate company’s absorbable polymeric (PCL/PLLA) performance as the heat flowable bone repair adhesive materials. The expected overall project outcome is a unified surgical delivery tool and implantable adhesive that provides the customers/users (surgeons/patients/hospitals) of this device a surgical repair product. Materials and Methodology: Material Description: The UMass patent covers a blend of two well-known absorbable materials Polycaprolactone (PCL) and poly(L-lactide) (PLLA).

Tumor Reduction and Enhanced Responsiveness to Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy Via Selective Removal of Iron: Mechanism and Preclinical Evaluation

Objectives: The objectives of this study are to use in vitro and in vivo models to validate the hypothesis that the ironchelator, DIBI, can selectively inhibit the proliferation and survival of breast cancer cells and that the combination of this chelator with radiation or standard chemotherapeutic agents (e.g., cisplatin and docetaxel) increases the sensitivity of breast cancer cells to the treatment regime. In collaboration with Chelation Partners Inc.

Automatic Tagging for Document Retrieval in Corporate Environments

Knowledge-intensive industries accumulate content at a rate and volume that is impossible for humans to manually organize and retrieve. A typical search engine based on keywords is not effective, because the user must provide the exact words contained in the text of the document or description of an entity and cannot filter search results based on the implicit context of the search. The search capabilities of the search engine can be extended by content metadata in the form of tags. However, manually adding metadata to each content element has prohibitive cost.

Molecular Profiling of Survivin in Different Human Cancers

Survivin, a member of the inhibitors of the apoptosis protein family, is involved in multiple critical pathways of cancer cell growth and survival. Because of its selective expression in cancer cells but not in normal adult tissues, survivin is an attractive target for different cancer treatments. Immunovaccine Inc. (IMV) has developed a therapeutic cancer vaccine, DPX-Survivac, targeting survivn-rich cancer cells. The description should also indicate.

Social Lead Identification

Millions of people post information on social media sites about their interests, preferences, opinions etc. on a daily basis. LeadSift mines this data stream in real-time to generate incredibly accurate and targeted sales leads. Given the short text and ambiguity around a social post, it gets very difficult to accurately identify intent. This project will explore different Natural Language Processing techniques to analyze the inherent semantic structure of social posts. Due the real-time nature of the social data, the algorithms need to be extremely efficient and scalable.

Design and Development of a Home Safe Living Systemfor Aging, Rehabilitation, and Geriatrics

The main objective of the project is to develop a software system to expertly capture an electronic health profile of a client with physical and/or cognitive disabilities to determine their level of functional ability, mobility and cognitive ability. Using the profile, the system will expertly assess the client’s ability to live either independently or with the assistance of a caregiver, and recommend the necessary changes. The proposed system requires integration of multiple software modules, such as from Functional Independence Measure (FIM), DGIClinical, VIDex, Invacare, etc.

Nutrient Recovery of Spent Biomass and Lipid-Extraction from Wastewater in the Production of Thraustochytrids

This project aims to explore the novel concept of nutrient recycling within the production process of microalgae biomass for biofuels and bioproducts. After extraction of primary products, the remaining waste materials which contain potential nutritional value will be evaluated for potential recycling as feedstocks into the production of additional microalgae biomass. Completion of this project will provide extensive information regarding the physicochemical composition of the waste products, thereby shedding light on its potential value for multiple applications.

Better wind turbine forecasting; wind speed and wind turbine power output at single turbine spatial scale

Wind turbine generator power output and consumer electricity demand vary independently from one another. This presents a difficult situation for electricity grid managers as they attempt to exactly match demand using wind turbines and conventional generators (e.g. hydro, fossil fuels). Accurate forecasting of wind turbine generator power enhances management of the electricity grid, allowing for more wind turbine generating capacity while maintaining grid stability.

Quang Ong choisit une expérience au Canada

À titre d’étudiant en biologie computationnelle à l’Université nationale du Vietnman, à Hô Chi Minh-Ville, Quang a passé son été à étudier les gènes et les traits uniques d’une variété de pommes et raisins dans un des plus grands vergers destinés à la recherche du Canada, soit l’Apple Biodiversity Collection, à Kentville, en Nouvelle-Écosse. Les chercheurs au verger apprennent comment de simples modifications apportées à un gène peuvent avoir une incidence sur les caractéristiques du fruit, par exemple la texture, la saveur et la résistance aux conditions météorologiques.

The Effects of a Novel Knee Brace Design for Assisting Knee Extension in Healthy Individuals

Spring Loaded Technology is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based start-up company focused on developing innovative knee bracing technology. Their Levitation™ knee brace has been developed to assist knee extension in people with leg weakness, but it has not yet been tested. The proposed research project will test the Levitation™ knee brace in healthy people, providing feedback to the Spring Loaded regarding the efficacy of their knee brace. Participants will be tested with and without the brace to compare its effects on knee extension torque and muscle activity.