Création et validation de l’Échelle d’attitude envers l’argent (EAEA)

Bien qu’il ne semble pas y avoir de consensus en ce qui concerne le concept d’attitude envers l’argent, la plupart des chercheurs s’intéressant au sujet considèrent qu’il « s’agit d’un construit psychologique stable qui est caractérisé par les significations que l’individu attribue à l’argent et qui conduit à des types de comportements à son égard » (Urbain, 2000, p.5). Or, relativement peu d’instruments de mesure ont été développés et validés afin de faire une évaluation juste de ce concept.

Ground Truth

The goal of the project is to develop a predictive model that will help to make a better estimate of the relative altitude using only the barometer sensor inside the Notio device. This measurement of a precise relative altitude is crucial since it is used to compute the slope, which is an important data for the cyclist and will make the Notio even better. The difficulty of this task comes from the fact that the measurement of the altitude from the sensor has a tendency to drift and thus the computed slope also does.

Evaluation of vascular normalization effect in the tumoral microenvironment

One of the main problems facing current cancer therapies, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy, is the poor functionality of the blood vessels present in tumours. Indeed, tumour blood vessels are highly abnormal, and this leads to poor perfusion, resulting in poor delivery of oxygen to the tumour. This has profound consequences for cancer therapies, as the lack of oxygen in the tumours impedes the tumour-killing functions of immune cells or the diffusion and efficacy of cancer drugs.

Optimization of specific Frizzled Receptor-targeted antibodies signalling responses

Therapeutic antibodies have been developed against a variety cancer cell surface proteins. These antibodies activate immune surveillance mechanisms that lead to destruction of cancer cells. Therapeutic antibody efficacy can be enhanced or might have unforeseen detrimental effects due to activation or inhibition of intracellular signaling pathways. Recent evidence suggests that the targeting of subtypes of the developmentally important Frizzed receptor subtypes could have great therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of several cancers and developmental disorders.

Enhancing TIL-mediated anti-tumour immunity by reducing the immunosupressive effects of TGF-beta and limiting effector T-cell exhaustion using intrabodies against negative intracellular down-modulators

Adoptive cell therapy using transferred tumour infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) is limited by the physical barrier created by a restrictive tumour microenvironment (TME) and by T-cell inactivation within the TME. Thus, minimizing the immunosuppressive effects of the TME and overcoming T-cell inactivation is crucial. AVID200 is a potent TGF-beta inhibitor designed by Forbius that selectively neutralizes TGF-beta1 & -beta3 with picomolar potency that reverses immunosupression, fibrosis & renders tumors sensitive to checkpoint blockade.

Machine/Deep Learning applied in P&C insurance representations

The purpose of this project is to allow the company to have access to useful insurance representations, encoding the diversity of contexts found in larger markets. This is expected to boost the performance of predictions for tasks learned in small data and highly variable target setting.

Development of a neural network algorithm to quantify chronic osteoarthritic pain in rats

The progression of pain research has been limited because of the overreliance on nociceptive assessment tools. These nociceptive assessment tools only assess the sensory component of pain and neglect its emotional component. It has been suggested that behavioural tools, such as the grimace scales, can assess the emotional component of pain. The use of various molecular markers are also promising new avenues to assess pain in various experimental models. The concurrent use of all three types of assessment methods will build a more accurate and complete picture of pain.

Unsupervised Anomaly detection using Deep Learning

This project aims at evaluating whether recent results in deep learning models, trained to exploit weak labels can serve to extract meaningful lesion localizations from image-level labels, either from individual scans or given a (longitudinal) sequence thereof. To this end, we will scale up existing models that have been shown to work on 2D images to a 3D context, studying labeling performance as the dataset size grows.

Évaluation de l'utilité d'une méthode de dépistage de glucose dans l’urine chez le chat : une étude pilote

À plus de 8 millions d’animaux, le chat est l’animal de compagnie favori dans les foyers canadiens. Le diabète de type 2 a une prévalence qui varie de 1 pour 50 à 1 pour 400 chez le chat de compagnie. La glycosurie est une manifestation diagnostique chez le chat diabétique. Actuellement, il n’existe aucun moyen de dépister cette condition à l’extérieur de l’établissement vétérinaire, ce qui retarde le diagnostic et la prise en charge des patients atteints de cette maladie. De plus, la validation de l’efficacité du traitement est compliquée pour le propriétaire.

Intégration des technologies et thérapies associés aux soins de santé personnalisés (SSP)

Le secteur des soins de santé personnalisés (SSP) soulève de nombreux défis en matière d’adhésion, d’intégration et de réglementation. Il est alors nécessaire de faire l’état des défis et des enjeux concernant les SSP dans le système de santé.
Lorsqu’on parle d’intégration ou d’adhésion des SSP, on fait référence à leur utilisation par les professionnels de la santé et plus particulièrement par les médecins. Pour qu’une nouvelle technologie ou thérapie soit intégrée au système de santé, il faut qu’elle soit bien connue et bien comprise par les médecins.