Élaboration de valeurs seuils de gravité de l’asthme chez l’enfant par la technique d’oscillométrie

Ce projet vise à établir les valeurs de seuil de gravité de l’asthme chez l’enfant et se base sur une première étude clinique déjà en cours visant à établir les valeurs de référence pédiatriques des mesures d’oscillométrie. Ces valeurs de référence constituent la base nécessaire afin de déterminer les valeurs de seuil de résistance pulmonaire pour classifier la sévérité de l’obstruction des bronches comme étant légère, modérée, ou sévère.

Improving Primary Care in Older Patients: a Focus on Safe and Appropriate Medications - Year two

Seniors take many medications during their lifetime. As seniors age, some of these medications may become unnecessary or even harmful. The process of stopping a medication that has the potential to cause more harm than benefit is called deprescribing. Physicians are more in the habit of prescribing than deprescribing, even though patients like the idea of getting off some of their pills if they can. The goal of this project is to use technology to support physicians in the deprescribing process.

Definitions of schizophrenia relapse as a study outcome and impact on the comparative effectiveness of oral versus injectable antipsychotics in the real-world setting

Schizophrenia is a devastating disease for which there is no cure. Available treatments aim at minimizing the symptoms. However, patients often stop taking their tablets, which leads to a worsening of their symptoms, referred to as relapse. In order to avoid the problems of discontinuation, some treatments are administered through an injection. Several studies have been conducted to compare the benefits of tablets versus injectable treatments on the risk of relapse. However, to combine those results is a challenge because relapse is not defined the same way across those studies.

Establishment of bovine embryonic cells derived from blastocyst for producing high quality cloned embryo

Nuclear transfer is a technique to clone animals of the same trait and it is industrially very valuable to clone animals of excellent traits. However, there is no standardized technology to secure, store and supply enough quantities of superior genetics to clone elite farm animals so it has limitation to use in industry field. Although various studies have been conducted and reported in humans and murines, many studies have not yet been conducted on farm animals.

L’anxiété de performance en milieu scolaire : état de la situation et évaluation d’un programme d’intervention pour y répondre

Le présent projet propose de renseigner sur la nature et l’ampleur de l’anxiété de performance en milieu scolaire, une problématique qui prend de l’ampleur chez les adolescents anxieux. Les médias discutent effectivement de plus en plus du fardeau de l’anxiété aux évaluations chez les élèves qui entrainent des coûts importants par ses conséquences sur la performance scolaire et le bien-être émotionnel des élèves. Il devient ainsi nécessaire d’avoir un portrait plus général de la situation et des solutions probantes pour y répondre.

Unsupervised language modeling with tensor networks

Modern machine learning is powered by deep neural networks composed of many interconnected layers of artificial neurons, whose tunable connections learn from data to solve important problems. While this approach has achieved incredible successes in many domains, in practice neural networks act as "black boxes" whose high-level insights are hard to access. Our project will study the use of a promising new family of tensor network models, originally developed for learning high-level structure in complex quantum systems, for capturing the structure of natural languages like French or English.

Study of the Mechanism of Action of Fluorescence Biomodulation in Tissue Regeneration and Acceleration of Wound Healing

Fluorescence Biomodulation (FB) is a novel technology that employs fluorescence light energy (FLE) to positively impact the three phases of healing. In the clinical setting, FB has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in the management of both acute and chronic wounds, resulting in accelerated wound closure while reducing inflammation, bacterial growth, and pain. The objective of this research project is to determine how FLE impacts biological pathways in the healing process to realize these observed clinical effects.

Effet de la présence de contaminants sur la biodégradation de la biomasse au cours du compostage

L’objectif du projet est d’optimiser le compostage au sein d’Espace pour la Vie (EPLV). Le projet sera supporté par la Fondation Espace pour la Vie, une fondation publique et reconnue comme organisme de charité indépendant qui reçoit des fonds de donateurs privés. Une quantité importante de résidus organiques et alimentaires est produite au sein d’EPLV, tant par les employés, les restaurants que par les activités d’élevage du Biodôme et les activités horticoles du Jardin botanique.

Biparental haploid cells to generate genomically designed offspring

In natural selection, differential fitness relies on the chromosomal shuffling during meiosis that enables the production of haploid gametes that are genetically different. However, meiotic-induced genetic variability can be an economic burden to the animal breeding industry since offspring often do not inherit the most desirable genes from their parents. Although genomic markers are currently being used to identify superior offspring at birth or even sooner, animals or embryos are frequently culled for not inheriting the best genes from their parents.

Analyzing neuroprotective properties of Lactobacillus rhamnosus HA114 in models of age-dependent neurodegeneration

Our aging population is burdened by decreased health and an increased risk of disease, including for many age-dependent neurodegenerative disorders like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). There are no cures for these conditions, and according to the United Nations the number of people affected may double by 2040. Using simple genetic models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis we have discovered a probiotic bacteria that delays disease onset, and this may be a new therapeutic approach for patients.