Radiochemistry for the Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Novel Bone-Targeting Peptide Hormone Derivatives

This proposed research project is about development of new bone-targeting drug called PTHPEG- BP, this new compound will overcome shortages of current clinical peptide hormone PTH, and show better treatment efficacy and lower price then the latter; several new technologies will be used on research of this PTH, such as micro Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT), and several of its characteristics will be identified such as structure, bioactivity, and metabolism inside body.

A paper based microfluidics device for E.coli detection from water

This project will result in the development of a simple, reliable, and rapid system for detecting E. coli bacteria in water for public health and environmental monitoring. We will use paper-based microfluidics fabricated by common laser-jet printing techniques. When E. coli is detected by the device, a color change becomes visible and can be quantified to estimate the bacteria count in water. The test will be commercialized for remote water testing applications.

Next-generation preclinical development andassessment of engraftment efficiency of Sernova’s Cell Pouch System™ in clinical islet transplantation

This fellowship will develop next generation Cell Pouch™ technology, through testing novel animal study (anti-cell death agents, insulin-producing mouse stem cells and islet health (metabolic engraftment efficiency) in parallel to a safety and efficacy (Phase I/II) clinical study of the Cell Pouch™ in Type 1 diabetic in which an in vitro measure of islet health will be correlated to in vivo graft function.

Evaluation of Application of Shredded Tiresas Insulation Layers for Highways in Alberta

Stockpiles of scrap tire grow larger every day in Alberta due to heavy industry. Safe and healthy disposal of scrap tires requires costly municipal landfill space. Using tire derived aggregates (TDA) for construction applications such as road embankment and insulation layers is of great attention and interest to Alberta’s government. Frost penetration beneath the pavement causing frost heave in winter followed by spring thaw weakening is one of the factors that affect the base layer thickness in cold climates.

Developing efficient computational simulationtools for geophysical applications

Quantitative interpretation of magnetic data through inversion for general distributions of magnetic susceptibility has played an increasingly important role in mineral exploration in recent years. The goal of the proposed project is to develop efficient and robust computational simulation tools for the inversion of magnetization at a specified depth using ground/airborne magnetic data.

Assessment of air quality using remote sensing technology for Alberta’s oil sands region

The objectives of this study are:

• To assess the feasibility of using satellite remote sensing technology to measure trace gases and aerosols over northern Alberta and to study the transport of biomass burning emissions and its impact on air quality over northern Alberta.



Hand Stimulator

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) exercise therapy (ET) is well established in the scientific community (Teasell et al, 2007) yet it is not accessible to the majority of the stroke population or those that could greatly benefit from it. In Canada alone millions of dollars has been spent in the last 20 years on proving its efficacy and trying to find cost effective means of administering this treatment. Yet to date there is little in terms of viable commercial products that allow for this type of treatment to be administered.

Technologies for Living Independently: A Technology Case Study on Remote Patient Monitoring

The population age distribution is undergoing an “inversion” and the dependency ratio, i.e., the proportion of older adults who are not working over the number of adults who are working, is increasing. This has an effect on a society’s ability to deliver community-care services and the underlying national economic capacity to pay for their needs. Advances in ICT (information and communications technologies) promise to provide support for affordable systems of care that enable human resources to be used more effectively.

Characterization of moisture transport in knit structures

Socks provide a barrier between the foot and shoe and have an important role in providing comfort for the foot. One function of socks is to draw moisture away from the skin and provide a feeling of dryness that can improve wearer comfort and minimize the possibility of blistering. Water transport through the sock material is highly dependent on the inherent fibre characteristics and structure of the sock material. This research project aims to optimize sock design to provide superior moisture transport properties.

Modeling and experimental testing of the impedance of oil sands tailings during electrokinetic separation

Tailings produced by oil sands mining operations are a long-term liability. Separation of water from fine solids is a critical operational and environmental challenge for tailings management and reclamation. Current methods have ongoing challenges to meet geotechnical performance criteria, and require expensive processes and movement of very large amounts of fluids and solids. Electrokinetic Solutions (EKS) has developed a process for electrical stimulation of oil sands tailings that dewaters and strengthens the resulting soil with simple electrodes and no moving parts.