Development of a microbe granulation technology for the increased treatment of organic wastewater, removal of emerging containments and digestion of sludge

Today we are failing to properly and completely treat organic wastewater which results in large amounts of sludge buildup and many untreated emerging contaminates that are shaping and changing our environment. If we ignore this problem: we will see an increased need for resources to development new and very expensive mechanical processes to manage sludge, wildlife will experience further side effects, and the appearance of emerging containments that are causing additional side effects to the surrounding population will also continue to increase.

Control of point source low volume methane emission using methanobiofiltration technology

Methane is a key greenhouse gas (GHG), and atmospheric methane emissions in Alberta are associated with a variety of industry sectors: sanitary landfills, wood waste landfills, feedlot operations and the oil and gas sector. When the quantities released at individual locations are relatively small, this methane cannot be used as an energy source; therefore, environmentally acceptable methods are needed for their control. Recent research has shown that methanotrophic bacteria are capable of converting methane to carbon dioxide without producing toxic by-products.

Lululemon: Sports Bra Comfort Assessment

Female breasts experience large displacements during physical activities such as running and jumping. This can lead to problems such as breast discomfort, and even chronic neck and back pain. However, correctly designed sports bras can alleviate some of these symptoms, and enable women to exercise with greater comfort. lululemon Athletica strives to develop a sports bra with optimal support and comfort.

Employing Network Analysis and Mining for Effective Crowdsourcing Market Research and Reporting

The main aim of the project is to develop the characteristics of a Prosumer, i.e. a consumer that interacts on-line with a company providing useful and insightful comments on its products. Data from consumer interaction databases are will be analyzed using the tools of data mining in order to accomplish the goals of the project.

Acid Stimulation in Carbonate Reservoirs

The Grosmont Formation contains about 400 billion barrels of resource and is a huge prize for Alberta and Canada. Laricina Energy is at the forefront of unlocking this resource with its Saleski carbonate pilot. The Grosmont mainly consists of dolomite and if acid is added to the formation, the reservoir rock dissolves and its permeability can be enhanced. It remains unclear whether acid stimulation is acting as a wellbore cleaning technology or whether it is acting as an element of the recovery process itself since acid reacts with the carbonate rock to generate carbon dioxide.

Creating an electronic fence for detecting and localizing tailings pond leaks

Hydraulic fracturing accounts for a significant component of Canadian gas resource plays – and its use is ever increasing (Rivard et al., 2014). A particular environmental challenge associated with these operations is the need to establish tailing pits for the used fracking fluid (frack-ponds). Leakage of frack fluids from these ponds presents a significant, ongoing and growing environmental concern.

Improving the efficiency of the supersonic binary fluid ejector using computational fluid dynamic modeling

The only commercially available technology that directly uses thermal energy to produce cooling is absorption chillers, which are not economical for small-medium scale buildings (<100,000 sq.ft.) and suffer from serious performance
limitations. May-Ruben Thermal Solutions (MRTS) is developing a novel Binary Fluid Ejector (BFE) that will provide a high-performance, economic, scalable, thermally-driven heat pump and refrigeration cycle. Early applications include

L’innovation au moyen du crowdsourcing (externalisation ouverte) progresse d’un cran

Lorsque Chaordix, une entreprise de Calgary pionnière dans le champ de l’externalisation ouverte, cherchait à acquérir une connaissance plus approfondie des études de marché et de l’analytique, elle s’est tournée vers Mitacs. Nous avons jumelé Khobaib Zaamout, doctorant au département des technologies de l’information et de la communication à l’Université de Calgary, à une entreprise.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Lower Gas Permeability for Liner Polyethylene in Fiber Reinforced Pipes (FRPs)

Permeation of CO2 gas through the inner layer in multi-layer fiber reinforced pipes (FRPs) destructively reduces pipedurability. FRPs generally consist of three or more layers of polymer and reinforcing fibers. Gas permeation thoroughthe polymer layer and its accumulation in reinforcing layer leads to pipe failure during depressurizing cycles. Using claynano-platelet can lead to decrease gas permeability in polymer layers. Good dispersion and good adhesion between clay nano-layers and polymer are key features for optimization of gas permeability. This study will focus on optimizing

Aiding Leak Detection in Pipelines Using System Identification

The ultimate goal of this project is to detect and localize leaks in pipelines in real time. Hifi Engineering has developed distributed fiber optic sensors. Measurements are obtained at evenly spaced intervals along the pipeline (called channels). This project aims to develop data processing tools to improve leak detection and localization. Many events occur along a pipeline whose effects are registered by sensors (trucks driving by, compressors turning on, leaks). Events are registered in many channels as sounds propagate down the pipeline.