The Hitchin—Kobayashi Correspondence

The goal of this project is to study the Hitchin--Kobayashi correspondence which relates solutions of certain differential equations to certain geometric objects with algebraic structure. The differential equations of interest are related to those studied in particle physics. By viewing them from an algebraic perspective, we can often find properties of the space of solutions which would otherwise have been difficult to see.

Enhancing Small-cell Wireless Backhauling

The cellular network nowadays faces an uphill battle against the explosive growth of mobile data traffic. Deploying low power radio base stations covering small cells within the current cellular coverage area is a promising approach to significantly boost the network capacity, provide better coverage, and reduce network congestion.

Quantum Annealing Techniques for Efficient Graph Analysis

This research investigation aims to assess a set of well known NP-Hard problems that are currently only solvable with an approximation, and prototype implementations of a general solution to their class of problem previously developed by 1QBit. This requires a series literature and prior art reviews, prior to the development of new algorithms and code which will deploy an analog optimization process as part of their solution.

Developing New Strategies to Evaluate Capital Construction Project Planning

Construction companies spend significant amounts of resources on front end planning (FEP). The potential to obtain substantial benefits from a strategic implementation of front end planning practices across an entire portfolio have made the evaluation of FEP an important issue for both project leaders and scholars. The opportunity now exists to mine the constituent elements of the index based on historical project data sets to develop methods for planning proactive strategies in capital projects execution.

Dreamcatcher Informatics: a Web-based and Mobile Information System to Support Land Management, Consultation, and the Preservation of History, Culture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge

The role of this internship is to assist in reaching the SSHRC goal for the Dreamcatcher system of capturing cultural data, traditional ecological knowledge, and traditional land use. This internship will contribute to the growing area of critical Indigenous research in Canadian planning practice and theory.

Development of a Solvent-Free Technology for Production of High Functional Protein Powders from Oilseeds and Grains

Oilseeds and grains are considered to be excellent sources of non-animal proteins containing the appropriate essential amino acids required for optimal human health. Conventional protein production methods involve the use of solvents, concentrated acids and alkali that result in protein denaturation, thereby reducing the quality and functionality of the protein ingredients. The proposed project will explore the potential of a dry or solvent free electrostatic-based separation technique for the production of high-quality protein powders from soy and navy beans.

The relationship between dark matter and peculiar velocities: Newtechniques and tests with numerical simulations

During this research I will contribute to our growing understanding of dark matter and dark energy by applying and extending the theoretical framework of simulation and modeling of how dark matter couples via gravity to induce measureable peculiar velocities. As a result of this work Dr. Lavaux and I hope to produce a large set of randomly generated universe simulations which can be used to confirm how peculiar velocities and the systematic and random errors associated with measuring them can depend upon the cosmology of the simulation. In working with both Dr. Lavaux, Dr.

Feasibility and Initial Efficacy of Remote Home-Based CardiacRehabilitation— A Pilot Study

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is proven beneficial for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Currently, most healthcare systems in China provides limited CR program toward patients after the cardiac intervention. This is particularly true among the rural areas. Home-based cardiac rehabilitation (HBCR) is used to alternative center (hospital) based in many developed countries.

Design and Evaluation of a Lightweight Persistent Data Store for High-Frequent Concurrent Read and Write Accesses

This research project will systematically compare different design alternatives for a data store module that is tuned for concurrent accesses by multiple independent threads in a program. The particular access pattern is modelled after the specifics of automated securities trading programs implemented in Java. Based on a systematic evaluation, a prototype implementation will be developed that will allow X3 Trading to dramatically improve the efficiency of business application development.

Exposing the Invisible – Designing with the Uncertainty of Wind

The objective of this project is to connect architects and wind engineers early on within a project so that affects associated with wind such as pedestrian comfort and building strength may be maintained from the start of a project. Rather than making post-construction modifications to a building through the costly use of screens, covers or even redesign, favorable wind conditions could be achieved through the collaboration between architects and wind engineers during the initial stages of design.