An Integrated Renewable Power and Transportation System for the Caribbean Region – Possible COVID-19 related death reduction through reduced MP2.5 emissions

This project aims to develop an integrated wind and solar energy-based power system for the Caribbean region and show that the system will significantly reduce CO2 and MP2.5 emissions which have now been linked to higher incidence of COVID-19 deaths. It is intended to bring the potential investors to Canada out of this project to collaborate with regarding academic and partner organizations. The developed system provides carbon-free electricity production for the region. Furthermore, the system proposes an 80-HP pneumatic vehicle for the daily driving of the public. Transportation and power sectors are two main greenhouse gas emitters (25% of regional GHG emissions) of the region. Due to the nature-friendly characteristic of the developed system, it may contribute to achieving the GHG emissions target that has promised under the Paris agreement. Interns involving in this research project will have a significant opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to the field and get an excellent experience to develop their abilities further. The partner organization will utilize this research to expand the business and have the upper hand over the competitors. On top of all, ecological problems due to GHG emissions, and possible solutions will be pointed out once again through TBCONTED

Faculty Supervisor:

Ibrahim Dincer


Ali Karaca


Air Lab Inc


Engineering - mechanical




Ontario Tech University



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