Defining Age-Specific Heat Exposure Limits Forworkers: From Laboratory To Field

This project will examine how heat stress develops in young {18-30 years) and older miners {45-65 years) of different levels of fitness when physically demanding mining jobs are made more challenging by increases in air temperature and humidity as well as changes In a worker’s hydration status. Further, a field-based study will be conducted to determine to what extent older workers differ in their work patterns and physiological response to work in the heat. By understanding how heat stress may develop in older individuals by examining responses in both a laboratory and field setting, and with guidance from Vale, our industry partner, we will be in an excellent position to interpret, design and implement an appropriate heat planning and management strategy to protect older workers from the detrimental health effects associated with heat exposure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Glen Kenny


Sheila Dervis


Vale Ltd.




Mining and quarrying


University of Ottawa



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