Investigating the use of public food forests in urban food systems planning

Public food forests can be an important way to increase urban resilience, sustainability, and food security. The food forest, or forest garden, is an edible landscape designed for food production. This research investigates how publicly-accessible urban food forests are currently being utilized to enhance food production and resilience. By reviewing existing examples, this research seeks to identify key models for design, participatory decision-making, and ongoing management of food forests on public land. This research will inform Integrated Living Landscapes of recent developments in this field and assist the Company in communicating the strengths, benefits, risks, opportunities, and best practices of public food forest design to potential clients. A summary of recommendations and presentation of key models will be given to the partner organization, Integrated Living Landscapes, to inform future food systems planning and design with municipal and institutional partners within the City of Victoria.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Duncan Taylor


Kat Zimmer


Integrated Living Landscapes


Environmental sciences




University of Victoria



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