Security and Resiliency of Prairie Industrial Water Supplies

This research problem examines the security and resiliency of prairie industrial water supplies in a changing climate. The water-consumptive industries in the Prairie Provinces are a major contributor to the national economy, but they depend on secure and reliable water supplies in a region characterized by dry climate. The most challenging future scenario for these industries, and the prairie economy in general, is a prolonged drought in a warmer climate. The objective of this project is to support planned adaptation to climate change in the Prairie Provinces’ energy and mining industries. The research will involve using tree rings to reconstruct past water levels in the Souris, Saskatchewan and Qu’Appelle River basins, and using climate models to predict future climate and water supplies. This new scientific knowledge will be translated so that it can be applied to risk assessment and adaptation planning in the mining and energy sectors.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Sauchyn


Sunil Gurrapu


Water Security Agency


Environmental sciences


Natural resources




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