The Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (BSI) program is offered in partnership with Canadian business schools at Mitacs’s academic partner institutions. Interested applicants need to contact their business school to find out if the institution is participating in the program.
Academic institutions must:

Students must: 

  • Be a registered undergraduate or graduate student at a Canadian academic institution
  • Not be a current, active participant in another Mitacs program

Academic supervisors must:  

  • Be a faculty member at a participating Canadian university who is eligible to hold Tri-Council funding; or
  • Be a faculty member at a participating Canadian college/CEGEP 

Partner organizations must: 

  • Be a corporation; or
  • Be an incorporated not-for-profit organization in Canada

*Important Note *
Mitacs will not approve an application if any of the Conflict of Interests (COIs) listed below are true for the intern/academic supervisor. No exceptions will be made.

If the intern/academic supervisor is:

  • An owner or a co-owner (including owning shares) of the partner organization
  • A relative of an owner or co-owner (including owning shares) or a relative of a participant in the day to day management of the partner organization
  • A current employee of and/or a participant in the day-to-day management of the partner organization 
  • A relative of the intern, academic and/or partner supervisors of the proposed project

To learn more about the program, see the How to Apply tab