The call for applications is now open.


Mitacs recognizes that due to the pandemic and the uncertainties it’s created, you may be operating with limited ability to plan future research projects. If you feel that you cannot submit an Elevate proposal at this time due to the pandemic, please reach out to us at


*NEW* We accept cross-provincial Elevate applications, where the partner and university are in different provinces.

About the program

Mitacs Elevate is a postdoctoral fellowship with a customized research management training component. Fellows address complex challenges through:

  • An exclusive research management curriculum for postdoctoral fellows in any discipline
  • A minimum one-year research project (normally two years in duration) with a partner organization in need of high-level expertise
  • A Partner Organization Business Case, developed to outline project objectives, risks, and stakeholder success criteria, and ensure project value

Elevate fellows progress through the program in a cohort, giving them cross-disciplinary networking and peer-learning opportunities they might not have otherwise in their careers.

Over the two-year fellowship, Elevate fellows divide their time between their partner organization project and university-based research with their faculty supervisor.

Elevate fellows receive:

  • $55,000 minimum annual stipend/salary (for fellowships awarded after April 1, 2018)
  • Training curriculum valued at $7,500 per year
  • Submission assistance, including application feedback, from Mitacs representatives
  • Certificate of completion after receipt of their exit survey and final report submission

About the program

Mitacs Elevate helps organizations build their business with support from top-ranked, highly trained research talent. Participating fellows work closely with partner organizations to understand their business needs and apply research principles to address these needs.

Participating organizations build crucial relationships, oversee development, and access university resources that may otherwise be unavailable. Organizations also inform the creation of a Partner Organization Business Case (developed by the fellow), which outlines the project objectives, benefits, risks, and stakeholder success criteria.

Elevate partner organizations can also:

  • Assess potential research managers with minimal impact on existing budgets
  • Develop strategic networks with researchers, professors, and universities 
  • Leverage their research budget 

Partner organizations provide $30,000, and Mitacs provides $30,000, for a total research grant of $60,000 per year.

  • This includes support for fellows and up to $5,000 in research costs for equipment, additional research personnel, conference travel and publishing costs.

About the program

Mitacs Elevate trains emerging research management leaders through an exclusive professional skills curriculum. Fellows gain theoretical and experiential training in areas such as project management and presentations. The knowledge transfer supported by Elevate increases research quality and overall efficiencies within a research group.

Elevate supervising professors also:

  • Access competitive funding, including up to $5,000 in research expenses 
  • Get customized professional training for top-ranked postdoctoral fellows