About the Program

Mitacs Entrepreneur International offers a travel grant to Canadian start-ups that are housed in an incubator or accelerator linked to an academic institution to connect them with host incubators abroad and explore new business development opportunities in international markets. The Mitacs Entrepreneur International program invites application submissions on a year-round basis. 

Canadian start-ups receive a travel grant to support eligible business travel costs, of up to $5,000 to connect with a host incubator in an eligible new target market. Through the program, start-ups:

  • Create direct linkages with their international target market
  • Grow their knowledge of international market opportunities and potential sources of investment
  • Build new clients, partnerships and business opportunities to scale their company

After a successful couple of trips to the US, our pipeline is exploding (!) and we are officially hiring an FTE to join me on the commercial side of the business (mostly to help with sales).
                                                                                                      - MEI participant

Participants submit their application and budget detailing a travel plan that supports growth goals in at least one of the following categories:

  • Exploring an international target market
  • Seeking international investment
  • Scaling up your start-up internationally

Successful applicants receive a travel grant to support eligible business travel costs for up to two (2) full-time equivalent employees, founders, or owners:

  • Flights and/or ground transit to target market country
  • Transportation costs in target market country
  • Accommodations
  • Per diem 


See our Eligibility tab for a complete list of eligible applicants, markets, activities and expenses.