Uplift models extension for smart marketing

Insurance companies heavily fund marketing campaigns such as, for instance, customer retention or cross-sell initiatives. Uplift modeling aims at predicting the causal effect of an action such as medical treatment or a marketing campaign on a particular individual by taking into consideration the response to an action. Typically, the result of an uplift model is used to call customers for marketing some products based on important attributes of a customer.

Quantifying the value added by the first large ensemble of high-resolution climate-change simulations over Québec

Regional Climate Models (RCMs) allow generating climate-change projections into the future over a limited region of the globe at high spatial resolution. The production of large ensembles of simulations from a same RCM is an emerging field of research allowing to explore in detail the interaction between climate change, natural climate variability and extreme events, at the local scale where climate impacts occur.

Combining Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to understand product and consumer behavior in retail environments

The project is about developing a «smart store» system that will allow understanding customer and product behavior. This system will be based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies allowing any object (product or person) to communicate automatically with its environment. Hence, our system will be used for tracking items and monitor consumer behavior in real time. In a retail environment, we will be able to answer questions such as (i) How many times an item has been picked up or tried by a customer? (ii) How long the item stayed off the shelve?

Linguistic Data Science for the Development of a Business Corpus

This project is dedicated to the development of a new business corpus as a novel data for the company’s business intelligence. It focuses on linguistic pre-processing for the business domain using two types of collected corpora: text and speech. An automatic annotation of the pre-processed business corpus will be completed using labels related to sentiment analysis and emotion mining technologies. Specific rules will be used to strengthen these labels. Last, a cognitive social analysis on human behaviors and team dynamics will be completed within a business meeting.

Understanding atmospheric peril risk across re/insurance portfolios

Natural disasters that are associated to the atmosphere (known as atmospheric perils) such as hurricanes, tornadoes and hail, flooding, drought, and wildfire, caused over $100 billion in damage throughout the world in 2015. Insurance companies often cannot afford to be responsible when such catastrophes occur, and so they purchase insurance to protect themselves (called reinsurance) from these large risks.

Information extraction from real-world business documents

This research project aims at creating a robust, efficient and reliable tool for Information Extraction (IE) from vast amounts of textual data related to the financial domain. Named entities recognition, a subtask of information extraction, seeks to locate and classify elements in text into pre-defined categories such as the names of persons, organizations, locations, expressions of times, quantities, monetary values, percentages, etc.

Development of novel biochemical and biophysical assays for the identification of inhibitors of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2

Cancer cells are known for their unique capacity to survive and grow in a low oxygen tension environment in the middle of a poorly vascularized solid tumor. This adaptation, which is central to the tumorigenesis process, is mediated by precise cellular mechanisms allowing the regulation of gene expression. Thus, the development of small molecules to modulate the activity of transcription factors is of great therapeutic interest. In order to develop such molecules, we plan to finance, with the help of IntelliSyn Pharma and Mitacs, one M.Sc. student.

Vers un environnement engageant sur l’investissement socialement responsable au sein d’un dispositif de sensibilisation sur le Web

L’objectif de ce projet de recherche est d’identifier l’ensemble des éléments permettant de développer un environnement engageant sur l’investissement socialement responsable (ISR) (c’est-à-dire menant au changement comportemental) au sein d’un dispositif de sensibilisation sur le Web. Il répond aux deux freins majeurs du développement actuel du marché du détail de l’ISR : un manque d’information et une complexité des produits ISR. Ce projet répond à la fois à la mission, aux objetctis et à l’engagement en termes de développement durable de Fondaction.

GOWL-Edit, un assistant logiciel pour l’édition graphique d’ontologies OWL 2, de requêtes SPARQL et de règles SWRL (Semantic Web Rules Language) dans la syntaxe G-OWL étendue

L’Institut de Recherche en Électricité du Québec (IREQ), qui est le centre de recherche d’Hydro-Québec, a pris le virage des technologies du web sémantique depuis quelques années. L’IREQ doit gérer une quantité énorme d’informations provenant de ses équipements réparties dans tous le Québec. Les chercheurs de l’IREQ ont notamment choisis les technologies du web sémantique afin de faciliter la cueillette et la gestion des informations. Au coeur des technologies de web sémantique réside une pile langagière qui permet de textuellement coder les informations et la sémantique qui s’y rattache.

Analyse socioéconomique de la situation des acteurs de la chaine d’approvisionnement de l’industrie du rechapage du pneu au Brésil

Cette étude a pour objectif principal de documenter les pratiques de gestion et les conditions de travail des acteurs de la chaine d’approvisionnement de l’industrie du rechapage de pneu de camions au Brésil. L'étude consiste en une collecte terrain qui alimentera une analyse sociale du cycle de vie du rechapage au Brésil selon trois scénarios: 1) scénario de base "valorisation" (le pneu est valorisé en fin de vie); 2) scénario "rechapage"; 3) scénario "recreusage puis rechapage". En parallèle, une analyse environnementale du cycle de vie est aussi menée.