Increasing food security for Northwest BC Indigenous communities

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, food insecurity issues were only exacerbated for Nisga’a members living on Coastal Ts’msyen Territories in northwestern BC, Prince Rupert, and Port Edward communities.

Even before the crisis, there were pressing challenges in addressing food security. For the past three years, the North Coast Innovation Lab, a place-based initiative by Ecotrust Canada, and the Gitmaxmak’ay Nisga’a Society, a social enterprise that supports members of the Nisga’a Nation living in Prince Rupert, collaborated on a Mitacs-funded project.

Software and Algorithms for Quantum Computational Chemistry

This project is focused on improving the theory, software and scope of applications of quantum computational chemistry. The intern will work with the company research team to further develop new theoretical methods which are under development, implement them into code as part of the existing open-source PennyLane package, and run tests for modelling the vibrational properties of a specific sample molecule. The intern will gain valuable experience working with a leading company in the field of quantum computing and will be able to lead the preparation of a journal-ready article.

Remediation and recovery of metals from mine effluents using genetically engineered microbial systems

Mines generate metal-contaminated wastewater that needs to be cleaned before it can be re-used by the mine or discharged into the environment. There are several ways to remove this metal, but many of these technologies are expensive and require non-renewable materials to work. Biological methods to remove these metals are promising renewable alternatives, but they have their limitations too: a lack of specificity for metals and the need to destroy the biomass to recover the metal for profit.


Heat exchangers, used in building heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to transfer heat from hot to cold fluids, are designed to operate under ideal conditions. However, in practice operating conditions may vary with ambient temperature or humidity. HVAC system efficiency can be improved significantly if fluid flow rates are adjusted in response to such changes. Armstrong Fluid Technology is a Canadian firm that has developed control systems to adjust the flow through building heat exchangers to maximize their efficiency.

Star Salvager: A Remote Games User Research Toolkit for Small Teams

As Games User Research (GUR) becomes a mature and essential pillar of game development, the challenges of performing rigorous qualitative and quantitative research in small teams are exacerbated by the disruption caused by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Research methods such as heuristic evaluation, think-aloud usability testing, initial experience testing, playthrough observation, and post-launch data analysis are taught as industry-standard in GUR courses. And they yield important insights on game usability, balance, learnability, and accessibility.

A Unified Hardware / Algorithm Approach to Secured Machine Learning for Cyber-Physical Systems: Applications in Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Autonomous Vehicles Networks

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) systems has enabled development systems such as autonomous vehicles (AVs). However, like any other technology, AI systems suffer from security vulnerabilities, and they can be easily fooled by a smart adversary. Malicious attacks on AI systems in safety-critical system such as AVs can be life-threatening or result in financial harms. Unfortunately, the research on defensive methods against adversarial attacks on AI systems is at its infancy, and there is a lack of proper understanding of the inherent security vulnerabilities in these systems.

Assessment of AI integration opportunities into consulting business operations

The primary objective of the project is to assess our business operations in terms of optimization opportunities that may be realized through the integration of AI. Our business is consulting engineering to the land development industry: we sell our time as professionals, we sell our expertise, and we recruit professionals. Our business involves numerous processes, from recruitment, to engineering project management, to design development, to marketing and proposal bid preparation.

Machine Learning based System Suggested Critiquing for in-car Conversational Recommendation

Car Infotainment and Navigation systems to date have only basic interactivity and functionality, and there is nothing in the car today that will keep drivers aware of their surroundings outside the car when the car is in a fully autonomous driving mode. Therefore, we want to contribute in the development of a new in-car infotainment system that is both interactive, personal, contextual (aware of the car’s location and surrounding services).

Investigation into methods and materials to simulate neuroanatomical structures for MR Imaging applications

During their tenure at Preoperative Performance Inc. the interns will focus on the research, design, fabrication and testing of a number of novel MRI phantom assemblies to be used as calibration equipment and research tools for diffusion weighted imaging systems. The conclusions drawn from this research will contribute to interventional planning to provide better healthcare to patients suffering from several conditions including brain tumours, TBI, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Investigating a dispersive process of nanocellulose reinforced silk protein bone screws to increase its strength

Bone fracture is usually fixed with metal made plates and rods to secure the bone. After the bone heals the plates and rods are usually required to be taken out. The propose of this research is to find a way to create a biomaterial that is strong enough to hold the bones, and can dissolve after the bone is healed, or to convert to another material that will have no effect on normal body function. The partner organization thus partnered with Prof. Sain at university of Toronto to find ways of disperse and create the desired material.