A constitutive model for the cyclic degradation of clays

The proposed research project will provide SRK a reliable tool to estimate the level of displacements developing in a clayey deposit when subjected to cyclic loading of variable amplitudes, such as earthquake loading conditions. Specifically, this tool is represented by a model which can be used during seismic analysis of geotechnical structures. The model will be developed based on an already existing model which has proved capabilities of capturing many relevant aspects of the clay response under cyclic loading (Seidalinov and Taiebat 2014). However, a preliminary study by the intern demonstrated that the current version of the model has deficiencies in representing the strain accumulation response under various magnitudes of shaking. The observed limitations will be addressed in this project by revising the formulation of the constitutive model. The revised and enhanced model will be validated against a database of element level cyclic shearing of clays.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mahdi Taiebat


Francesca Palmieri


SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.


Engineering - civil



University of British Columbia



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