A Mathematical Model of the Political Organization of a Classic Maya City based on Scale-Free Networks

This project aims to study the complex political organization of the Maya cities during the pre-Hispanic classic period using computer models based on game theory. Our main interest is to test if a stable political organization could have emerged from a free-scale network. This kind of network organization has proven to be a useful concept for explaining different complex selforganizing systems, including social networks. We will implement a computer model to test the
specific hypothesis that the extreme rituals performed by the Maya elite had a functional role in promoting the self-optimization of social connections. We will analyze the model’s resilience against different levels of perturbation in the system until we find critical values that cause a collapse of the political system. After that, we will compare and contrast the simulation results with current theories about Maya political organization in the archaeological literature.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rafael Montano


Roberto Ulloa Rodriguez



Languages and linguistics



Western University



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