A Mental Model Approach to Avalanche Risk Communication: Examining Avalanche Bulletin Use and Comprehension

The Avalanche Research Program at Simon Fraser University and Avalanche Canada are conducting a study to examine how winter backcountry recreationists, including backcountry skiers and snowboarders, mountain snowmobile riders and snow shoers, seek and use avalanche safety information. Avalanche Canada and Park Canada publish avalanche bulletins daily to provide backcountry users with information on avalanche hazard. The goal of the research is to examine whether recreationists use Avalanche Canada’s information products as they are intended to be used. The project will conduct semi-structured interviews to better understand how people use the existing products. The study will also include a large-scale survey that will test and evaluate alternate communication designs. The results of this study will provide important information for improving avalanche safety information products in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pascal Haegeli


Anne St Clair


Avalanche Canada


Environmental sciences


Information and communications technologies




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