A Mixed Methods Cross-Cultural Investigation of Conversational Turn-Taking in Families of Children with Hearing Loss

Parent-child interaction significantly impacts child language learning and influences what is considered appropriate when communicating with others, which can vary from culture to culture. These caregiver-child interactions become extremely important when the child has a hearing loss. However, if the expectations of the family differ from those of the therapist serving the child, there could be a breakdown in communication at home. This study seeks to describe differences in the amount and patterns of vocal turn-taking between Canadian and Vietnamese families of children with and without hearing loss. The LENA System, a new technology designed to capture and automatically analyze a child’s natural language environment will be used to calculate how often parents and children interact. To better understand how culture affects these interactions, a qualitative interview with parents will also be conducted in a mixed methods approach. The findings will help to create more culturally appropriate therapy techniques.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alice Eriks-Brophy


Hillary Ganek






University of Toronto



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