A systems level optimization of the solar battery in a solar energy system

SunVault Energy Incorporated, a Kelowna, British Columbia based energy technology company, aims to become a significant player within the emerging Canadian solar industry. They have devised a technology, the solar battery, which integrates the energy storage and energy generation capabilities of a stand-alone solar energy system. They view this as potentially a means of lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, and reducing losses. In this project, the intern will explore the performance of the stand-alone solar energy systems that include the solar battery and contrast the obtained result with the conventional solar energy system. Means of improving the overall system performance will be sought. Finally, if time permits, pathways to commercialization, with a focus on technological improvements to the device and the overall system, will be sought.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Stephen O'Leary


Franzi Tschurtschenthaler


SunVault Energy




Alternative energy


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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