Additive Manufacturing of Molds for the Mass-Production of Mechanical Ventilators during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 has increased the demand for critical supplies such as test kits, protective equipment, and, most importantly, mechanical ventilators. The injection moulding process is well suited to manufacture various components of mechanical ventilators. Improving mold designs is a key factor in the mass production of the injection molding of parts. In this project, we are proposing to use an additive manufacturing process to 3D print molds for the mass production of mechanical ventilators parts. Complicated conformal cooling channels can be designed around the mold cavity to reduce the cycle time and, thus, improve the overall productivity of the injection molding process. The design and optimization of conformal cooling channels will take place both analytically and numerically. Moreover, the capabilities of the L-PBF machine to print functionally graded material will be utilized to improve the mechanical properties of molds. Moreover, finite element analysis will be used to model the performance of the conformal cooling channels. Numerical analysis techniques will be used to avoid the adverse effect of the residual stresses and part distortion expected to occur in the printed molds. Finally, the printed molds will be tested to print parts of the mechanical ventilator.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eugene Ng


Manar Krmasha;Ali Safdel;Dalia Mahmoud


Additive Manufacturing International


Engineering - mechanical




McMaster University



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