Advancing sea ice monitoring in the Arctic using innovative radar technologies

Year-round sea ice monitoring in the Arctic is critical for understanding and predicting global climate change. Current satellite-based observation shows limitation in identifying sea ice types. This project aims to utilize advanced satellite-based radar imagery to develop novel Arctic sea ice monitoring system. Proposed research aims to contribute towards developing innovative sea ice products through next-generation Earth Observation technology. Thus, this research will ensure Canada’s environmental stewardship by providing reliable and improved Arctic sea ice information to the Inuit communities. Additionally, this project will bring synergy between academic and partner organization to improve Arctic sea ice monitoring for safer maritime operations in the Arctic, especially for efficient identification of thick ice in the Northwest Passage to avoid potential shipping hazards, which are essential for Arctic research and operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Yackel


Mallik Mahmud


Sigma Sensing Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of Calgary


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