An Integrated Interface for a Mixed Reality Based Medical Education System

How to build a medical education ecosystem and improve the learning outcome? Currently a medical education system based on mixed reality is missing and bad user interfaces can leave students confused and struggling instead of learning efficiently. The goal of this project is to leverage mixed reality technology, develop a medical education system, and make it easy to use. An interactive system with an integrated interface will be created, enabling real object recognition, responsive information assistance, and coordinated collaboration between users across platforms with a consistent and intuitive educational experience. This system enables users to interact with three-dimensional virtual objects in the physical world, and collaborate cross platforms of mixed reality devices, virtual reality devices, mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers. Therefore, the complex medical concepts and deeper human structures will be seen, studied, discussed, and shared beyond the limitation of time and location, and medical students and health professionals in many areas will benefit from the system. The improvement of interfaces will greatly enhance the usability, facilitate seamless integration of mixed reality into medical education ecosystem, and accelerate mixed reality technology and innovative devices to be widely used in medical education and various fields

Faculty Supervisor:

Claudia Krebs


Pu (Cynthia) Liu


Microsoft Canada




Information and cultural industries


University of British Columbia



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