An Optimal Hybridized Design Methodology for a Solid-State Fermenter: Safe Pesticide Alternatives Using Microbes

Crop Defenders, our industrial partner grows a high-value type of fungi that can kill crop pests without harming or poisoning the crops. This type of fungus is currently being grown in a manual and labor-intensive process. The aim is to automate this manual process to drastically increase the company’s productivity. By doing so, Crop Defenders expects to lower their cost per acre 10-fold and be able to sell to field-farmers as well as greenhouses. The first step towards automating the process will be achieved by designing a solid-state fermenter or bioreactor where the environmental conditions needed for the fungi to grow can be observed and controlled. The first stage of this project aims to develop a conceptual design for this instrument up to the embodiment stag

Faculty Supervisor:

Ahmed Azab


Syed Mohammad Saqib;Abdelrahman Amer


Crop Defenders


Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor



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