Analysis of Katzie Archaeological Lithic Collections

This project will involve the analysis of a collection of stone artifacts retrieved from a recent archaeological excavation conducted by the Katzie Development Corporation and Katzie First Nations members at a very signification archaeological site located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. The artifacts will be classified according to their technological and functional characteristics and the results of this data gathering process will be used to interpret the nature of occupation and social structure at the archaeological site. This information will also be compared to collections from other sites in the region with a view towards identifying patterns and timing of the emergence of complex societies of the Northwest Coast. This project will be complete in cooperation with the Katzie First Nation within whose traditional territorial the site is located. In addition to providing valuable data for dissemination within the wider archaeological community, the research will provide details about Katzie ancestors’ lifeways, about which the First Nation is very interested in learning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Pokotylo


Emily Ann Wilkerson


Katzie Development Corporation





University of British Columbia



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