Analysis of Waste Heat Boilers using Computational Multiphysics

Waste heat boilers provide an important function in many industries, taking hot process flows and cooling them down while at the same time creating valuable steam which can be used to save power in other parts of the plant. This project will use Computational Multiphysics Simulations (CMS) to model the inner workings of these important boilers. CMS uses a mix of theoretical and experimental equations to model real world fluids, particularly how they move, boil, and spread heat. CMS field has seen major advances and adoption in many industries in the past decades helping to make more fuel efficient cars, aeroplanes, electronics, and now in our case, waste heat boilers. These more efficient systems help reduce both costs for the consumer and the carbon footprint of the goods produced, benefiting our wallets and environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir


Victor Guiguer


Industrial Ceramics Limited


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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