Analyzing and benchmarking a large-scale laboratory utilization data through network analysis and visualization techniques

Dr. Calvino Cheng Incorporated aims at developing higher health care quality and efficiency through the increased use of automation and better data visualization. Within Capital District Health Authority (CDHA), 3/5 of laboratory ordering originates in the outpatient setting. This is at approximately a cost of $3.3 million per month (CDHA quality assurance data). Unfortunately it is currently not possible to interpret any laboratory ordering data without insights into size, type, network, and practice patterns of both family practices and walk-in clinics. Using the laboratory information system data, the intern will extract, visualize, and benchmark existing laboratory test ordering landscape. This will allow the partners to understand the future demands on lab testing, development of new partnerships, methodology into data digestion, as well as allow policymakers more insight into the primary care landscape. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd


Conrad Ng


QEII Health Sciences Centre




Information and communications technologies


Dalhousie University



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