Archaeological Data Management in Canada and the Comprehensive Heritage Research Information Platform

The proposed project undertakes a comparative study of existing regional archaeological data management systems and practices. Deconstructive analysis of each of these systems will preface a comparison of their component parts and identify relative absences and deficiencies. When reassembled, a theorizing of why these systems might be “missing pieces” can be undertaken recognizing their jurisdictional contexts. This research will then be applied in theorizing and eventually designing a centralized, multi-jurisdictional and remotely accessible model heritage research information platform. Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants (TMHC) in cooperation with Sustainable Archaeology at Western University and under the auspices of a Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship will oversee this research initiative and any pilot application thereof. The production and analysis of these regional datasets together with the application of this research in constituting a model platform will be of immediate relevance to Canadian heritage stakeholders, commercial, academic and otherwise.

Faculty Supervisor:

Neal Ferris


Joshua Benjamin Dent





Information and communications technologies


Western University



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