Assessing Perceptions Pertaining to Carbon Pricing in Kingston, Ontario

In their Major Research Papers, Jennifer Bunning and Nora Lobb each will explore the impact of different carbon pricing policies on citizens and businesses in Kingston, Ontario. Both a survey and a focus group will be used to engage with stakeholders from across Kingston. The findings from this research will be presented to provide context around the challenges that face the implementation of a Clean Fuels Standard and Carbon Pricing models in small communities across Canada. During their internship, they will be applying their understanding of how consumers and businesses will have to adapt to new policies towards creating a workplace sustainability program. This program will help both the individual employees and the business as a whole navigate these policies. The research will uncover pain points both businesses and individuals face when it comes to becoming more sustainable and provide a tool to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Faculty Supervisor:

Warren Mabee


Nora Lobb;Jennifer Bunning




Public administration



Queen's University



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